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Clarisse 3.6 User Guide

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Alembic Bundle

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Alembic Bundles are an easy way to load Alembic Archives. They are able to load a whole archive and display the scene it contains.  They have a whole set of attributes to control smoothing, subdivision, displacement and curve/fur generation.

Features are applied to all objects, when applicable:

- Curve options applies to 'Curves'

- SubDivision Surface options to 'SubDs'

- all others to both 'PolyMeshes' and 'SubDs'


The Alembic bundle automatically deduplicates objects, which means that a geometry, curve, or property will only be loaded once. Several items can share the same geometry/curve. When loading a geometry from the file, we check if we already have a geometry matching, and reuse it if it exists. (Works over multiple files)


Why use an Alembic Bundle object ?

There are three ways to load a scene from an Alembic File in Clarisse:

- import scene

- reference an Alembic file in a context

- use an Alembic Bundle.


Unlike the import scene and reference methods, the Alembic Bundle does not create objects in Clarisse, and manages geometry resources internally, which means that it is faster to load and uses much less ram when the scenes have lots of duplicates.


It is however slower when dealing with files containing a lot of animated/deformed objects.


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