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Clarisse 4.0 User Guide

Clarisse provides a simple log_info function used to output values in the application Log. This function is very useful for debugging expressions.




FP log_info(STRING str1, … , STRING str N)

Output values to the application log. Accept one or more arguments. Note that each argument is automatically converted to string then concatenated, and printed to the log as a single line.


The function always returns 0.0




var = rand();

a = log_info("var is : ", var);

a = log_info("some other tests: ", cos(T), "   ", cos(F));

cos(T) * sin(F)


Since SeExpr requires functions to always return a value, log_info always returns 0.0, so you can use it like this for instance:

var = rand();

not_used = log_info(\"var is : \", var);



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