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Clarisse 4.0 User Guide

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Working With Expressions

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Clarisse includes a powerful expression engine to drive attribute values. In addition to direct value input, via the Attribute Editor for instance, or f-curve, attribute values can now be driven using a full featured expression system based on the powerful Se-Expr language developed by Walt Disney Animation Studios (


Using expressions in Clarisse, you can:

  • Drive most attributes of any object;
  • Drive attribute values procedurally using mathematical functions;
  • Re-time animation from a f-curve driving an attribute value;
  • Bind attributes together and use other attribute values in expressions;
  • Procedurally get the name of the object which holds the attribute with the expression, and get the path of its context;
  • Find items based on rules, like you would using rules in Groups but at the expression level;
  • Make powerful scripts using the expression language to drive the value of attributes;
  • Control other attributes to create self-contained setups that can be published and reused as procedural assets.


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