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-process process_path1 [<process_arg1> <process_arg2> ...] [process_path2 [<process_arg1> <process_arg2> ...]...]

Execute the specified processes identified by their respective full name in Clarisse. Note that overrides to process attributes value can be optionally passed as overrides from command line.


This argument only applies when the input file of CNode is a build file (created with Clarisse BUiLDER).

cnode -process "build://renderALL"

CNode loads executes the processes build://renderALL

cnode -process "build://renderSHOT01" "build://renderSHOT02"

CNode loads executes the processes build://renderSHOT01 then build://renderSHOT02

cnode -process "build://renderSHOT01 -values 15:50" "build://renderSHOT2 -values 1:10"

CNode loads first executes the two Variable Range Process nodes driving the $F variable (current frame): build://renderSHOT01 and build://renderSHOT02. However the values attribute of build://renderSHOT01 is overridden to the specified frame range 15:50 and build://renderSHOT02 is overridden by the frame range 1:10.

cnode -process "build://renderSHOT01 -values 50:100 -process_values build://writeBG 1 build://writeFG 60:70"

CNode loads executes build://renderSHOT01 specifies a range of 50:100 for all its child processes except for build://writeBG which will be executed for frame 1 and build://writeFG which will be executed for the frame range 60 to 70.