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Render Farm Deployment#


CNode doesn't come with a render farm controller. You must use a 3rd party render farm controller to distribute renders on a render farm. Please visit our website for more information.

Before rendering on a render farm, make sure each render node meets Clarisse's minimum system requirements.

Also make sure you have enough CNode licenses available since CNode needs a special license to run. Please refer to the Licensing section for more information.


As any distributed command line application, make sure each render node is able to resolve network paths. Otherwise, CNode will unlikely be able to load assets or save renders.

Installation Folder#

Clarisse binaries (including CNode) don't require any special privileges to run and don't use any system registry key. In other words, installing Clarisse on each render node is not necessary: all you have to do is to make sure each render node has access to the Clarisse installation folder.

However, you'll have to make sure to install optional third parties if needed. For more information about installation, please refer to Installing Clarisse section.

We highly recommend you to use a network share so that each render node points to the same Clarisse installation folder so that:

  • every render node uses the same application version.
  • the installation process is simplified especially when deploying new Clarisse builds.

Configuration File#

By default, CNode uses Clarisse configuration file located in the user home directory. If you never launched clarisse on the render node, the config file will be missing. In that case CNode will warn about the missing configuration file.

This is why we highly recommend to use a shared configuration file location so each render node uses the same configuration file. This is very easily achieved by using the argument -config_file, or the environment variable CLARISSE_CONFIG_FILE, to tell CNode the location of the configuration file to use.

For example:

cnode /sq001/sh001/beauty.project -config_file /clarisse_installation/clarisse.cfg


export CLARISSE_CONFIG_FILE=/clarisse_installation/clarisse.cfg
cnode /sq001/sh001/beauty.project