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Clarisse 5.0 Reference Guide

In the build assembly, you can’t directly modify attributes of items coming from Scene Generators or Item Management nodes. Only items created at the top level of the build assembly can be freely modified. If you set a node as vizroot, and select an item in the Explorer, you’ll notice that you can’t edit its attribute via the Attribute Editor because they are read-only. This is perfectly normal because the workflow has been designed to be a flow of successive operations where you explicitly have to use nodes to perform specific operations at one point of your build. Editing is one of them, so you must use an editing node to set at which point of the build the modification on the item occurs. As a result, items can have multiple representations throughout their life in the build assembly.



Items living inside their parent Contexts or References can be freely modified without the use of an Editing node. However, once they are injected to the build assembly though Item Management nodes, you must use an Editing node in order to edit their attributes.


The build assembly provides a set of specialized editing nodes to either edit items individually or apply edits on multiple items at the same time.



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