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ilise License Server#

ilise is the Isotropix License Server which provides floating licenses for all of our products. ilise can either be installed on a dedicated license server or installed on a computer used to run Clarisse.

ilise uses the primary network interface card mac address as a unique server identifier.

Licenses are then bound to the hardware and not to the operating system. The same license should then work on ilise whether the computer is running it on Windows, macOS or Linux.

However, if the network interface card on the machine changes (disabling WIFI adapter, installing or removing a network interface adapter) the license will become invalid. In that case please contact our sales department to offer you support.

ilise is a standalone application which currently doesn't run as a service or as a daemon. ilise is located in the installation folder of Clarisse, inside the licensing sub-folder. To start ilise you'll need to open a terminal/command-prompt and launch the ilise executable.

Note for Linux users

ilise tries to create a system lock preventing multiple ilise instances running at the same time. Make sure you have administrative privileges before running ilise or you'll get an error message:error: Unable to open file '/var/run/': Permission denied

License Location#

By default, ilise will look for licenses in %APPDATA%/Isotropix/Ilise on Windows, /Users/CURRENT_USER/Library/Preferences/Isotropix/Ilise on macOS and ~/.isotropix/ilise on Linux.

If you wish to specify a different folder, you can use the command line option -license_folder

For example:

ilise -license_folder /apps/isotropix/clarisse/licenses

For more information such as how to set port the number, type ilise help in a command line.

Querying ilise from command-line#

If you wish to query license information from any clients, we provide licinfo a dedicated command line tool. licinfo allows you to query ilise to list license information and active connected clients, and finally to restart ilise. Here are some useful commands.

To display all available commands please type licinfo help in a command line.

Command Description Example
list Display the list of registered licenses licinfo ILISE-SERVER list
list_clients Display the list of active clients using licenses licinfo ILISE-SERVER list_clients
restart_server Restart the license server which is needed when installing a new license file. licinfo ILISE-SERVER restart_server
shutdown_server Stop the license server. All active connections will be closed licinfo ILISE-SERVER shutdown_server