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Using Isotropix License Manager#

The Isotropix License Manager (licman) is Isotropix dedicated tool that manages and install licenses. You will find the application executable in the Clarisse installation folder.

When you launch licman, you'll see several tabs that are dedicated to specific tasks.

  • Configuration allows you to set your licensing configuration to properly license our products.
  • Licensing helps you request new licenses and install floating license files.
  • Diagnostic outputs information to help troubleshooting licensing problems.


The Configuration tab allows you to setup the type of licenses you wish to use. Using the Licensing Type pull down, you can set whether the licensing type is Node Locked or Floating.

licman Configuration


The Licensing tab allows you to install freshly received floating licenses on the license server. This tab is only available if you set Licensing Type to either Floating (Remote) or Floating (Local).

The License tab allows you to generate a request key as well as to install floating licenses. This tab is only available when Licensing Type is set to Floating

licman Licensing

Request Key#

The Request Key is an identifier used to generate a license for a specific machine. For more information about request keys please refer here.


The Diagnostic tab is only useful if you are experiencing licensing issues and you're already in contact with our sales team.

By clicking on Diagnostic, the Isotropix License Manager will output useful information that will help our sales team troubleshot your issue.