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Clarisse 5.0 Reference Guide

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Personal Learning Edition (PLE)

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Clarisse Personal Learning Edition (PLE) gives you the opportunity to learn and explore, for free, all aspects of Clarisse iFX or BUiLDER for non-commercial purpose. Clarisse PLE gives you access to all the features that are available in Clarisse commercial version.


You don't need a license key to run the PLE. Just launch Clarisse normally and select Run PLE... when prompt.

PLE Limitations

Please find here the general limitations of the PLE compared to the commercial version of Clarisse.


Personal Learning Edition (PLE)


Load/Reference Commercial Clarisse Project files



Save Commercial Clarisse Project/Build File



Save/Reference Clarisse PLE Project/Build File


Can't convert PLE project/build files to Commercial ones

Export Geometry



Authorized Commercial Use

Learning and personal work promotion only


Python Scripting

limited to return 10 project items max per python call


Render Watermark

limited to 3 watermark-free renders per 24 hours for non commercial purposes

No watermark

Deep Output



Watermark-free renders

As long as you are using Clarisse for personal work promotion and non-commercial purposes, it is possible to save watermark-free renders of your work directly out of the PLE. Watermark-free renders are subject to limitations: the maximum output resolution is 2560x1440 and the amount of saves is limited to 3 every 24 hours.

Saving a watermark-free render

When using Clarisse PLE, your renders will always display a watermark by default. You can either use the regular "save" icon to save the image with its watermark, or use the "save PLE" icon to initiate the watermark-free process that is explained in the following example.


When using the PLEversion of Clarisse, an additional "save PLE" icon is added in the Image View , to the right of the original save icon<br/>

When using the PLEversion of Clarisse, an additional "save PLE" icon is added in the Image
View , to the right of the original save icon


1. Click on the Save PLE icon:


Save PLE Icon

Save PLE Icon

2. The Activation window will pop up:


Activation Window<br/>

Activation Window

3. Press the Get Activation Key... button to be redirected to the following page:


Browser Key Generation page

Browser Key Generation page


4. Click on the Generate Activation Key button at the bottom of the page to generate your activation key:



5. Click on the Copy to Clipboard button and go back to Clarisse. Paste the activation key using Ctrl+V and the message The Activation Key is valid should show up:



6. Click on Save and a file browser will show up allowing you to save a watermark-free version of your rendered image.



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