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(Uv Bake)

  • Abstract Class
  • Default object name: uv_bake
  • Inherits from: ProjectItem > Group

No corresponding User page.


A simple group (list) of ProjectItem. Group are extremely useful and are often used to set rendering visibility. If you delete an item referenced in a group, it is automatically removed for you. Please note groups can be empty and that you can't group groups.

Inherited Public Attributes#

Type Name Visual Hint Description
reference (SearchPath) search_paths VISUAL_HINT_DEFAULT Use the input object to retrieve search paths. If none then the current context is used.
reference input_context VISUAL_HINT_DEFAULT Specify the context for object lookup. Group will only be able to gather objects contained in that context.
long update_mode VISUAL_HINT_DEFAULT Specifies if the group reacts to changes to update its references ('Automatic'), or if it acts like a static cache of references ('Manual').
action refresh VISUAL_HINT_DEFAULT
string filter VISUAL_HINT_TAG Set the filter attribute to specify which class of objects the group can reference. If none is specified, group will behave as if ProjectItem was specified.
string inclusion_rule VISUAL_HINT_MULTILINE Rule filter which defines which objects to include in the group.
reference (ProjectItem) inclusion_items VISUAL_HINT_DEFAULT List of items to be referenced by the group.
string exclusion_rule VISUAL_HINT_MULTILINE Rule filter which defines which objects to exclude from the group.
reference (ProjectItem) exclusion_items VISUAL_HINT_DEFAULT List of items to be excluded from the group.
string result_filter VISUAL_HINT_MULTILINE Final exclusion step to remove additional items from the result.
reference (ProjectItem) references VISUAL_HINT_DEFAULT List of items that are currently referenced by the group, resulting from inclusion and exclusion setup parameters of the group.


class "GroupUvBake" "Group" {
    abstract yes
    #version 0.9
    reference "uv_slot" {
        filter "UvSlot"
        hidden yes
        saveable no
        value ""