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(Gaussian Blur)

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Applies a box blur to the image.

Public Attributes#

Type Name Visual Hint Description
double pixel VISUAL_HINT_SUBPIXEL Set the radius of the filter.
long quality VISUAL_HINT_DEFAULT Set the number of iteration step.


class "ImageFilterGaussianBlur" "KernelFilter" {
    #version 0.91
    icon "../icons/object_icons/filter_gaussian_blur.iconrc"
    category "ImageFilter"
    doc "Applies a box blur to the image."
    aliases "ImageFilterFastGaussianBlur" "ImageFilterFastBlur"
    subpixel "pixel" {
        doc "Set the radius of the filter."
        animatable yes
        slider yes
        numeric_range yes 0.0 250
        ui_range yes 0.0 250
        value 0.0
    long "quality" {
        doc "Set the number of iteration step."
        slider yes
        numeric_range yes 1 10
        ui_range yes 1 10
        value 3