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An image node.

Public Attributes#

Type Name Visual Hint Description
reference (ImageNode) a VISUAL_HINT_DEFAULT Define the A image.
bool specify_output VISUAL_HINT_DEFAULT
string output VISUAL_HINT_TAG
string output_channels VISUAL_HINT_TAG

Inherited Public Attributes#

Type Name Visual Hint Description
bool thumbnail VISUAL_HINT_DEFAULT Enable/Disable the display of the node thumbnail in the Build View.
double thumbnail_size VISUAL_HINT_DEFAULT Set the size of the thumbnail in the Build View.
long caching VISUAL_HINT_DEFAULT Cache result of this node
action clear_cache VISUAL_HINT_DEFAULT Clear the internal image cached by the node. If you clear the image cache, the node will request an evaluation when displayed by the Image View.
bool pass_through VISUAL_HINT_DEFAULT Enable pass through. If enabled, the node returns the input specified as Master Input.
string master_input VISUAL_HINT_TAG Define which input should be returned by the node if Pass Through is enabled.


class "ImageNodeMask" "ImageNode" {
    abstract yes
    #license {
        flavor "advanced"
    #version 0.92
    icon "../icons/object_icons/image.iconrc"
    category "Image"
    doc "An image node."
    attribute_group "input" {
        reference "a" {
            doc "Define the A image."
            filter "ImageNode"
            dirtiness_pass_through yes
            value ""
    attribute_group "output" {
        bool "specify_output" {
            output "image"
            value no
        tag "output" {
            filter "inode_layers"
            output "image"
            preset "rgba" "0"
            value "rgba"
        tag "output_channels" {
            filter "inode_channel_sets"
            output "image"
            value "r/g/b/a"
    attribute_group "ModuleImageNodeInput.a" {
        doc "a"
    attribute_group "ModuleImageNodeOutput" {
        doc "null"