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Premultiply the RGB channel with the alpha

Public Attributes#

Type Name Visual Hint Description
double[4] input VISUAL_HINT_RGBA Define the input.

Inherited Public Attributes#

Type Name Visual Hint Description
bool pass_through VISUAL_HINT_DEFAULT If checked, the current texture is not evaluated and the value of the attribute selected in Pass Through Attribute is directly forwarded.
string master_input VISUAL_HINT_TAG Name of the attribute that will be used as output if Pass Through is enabled.
bool invert VISUAL_HINT_DEFAULT If checked, the texture is inverted.
double opacity VISUAL_HINT_PERCENTAGE Set the opacity of the texture.


class "TexturePremult" "Texture" {
    #version 0.9
    icon "../icons/object_icons/texture_premult.iconrc"
    category "/Texture/Color"
    doc "Premultiply the RGB channel with the alpha"
    attribute_group "input" {
        rgba "input" {
            doc "Define the input."
            texturable yes
            animatable yes
            value 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
    set "master_input" {
        private no
        hidden no
        saveable yes
        texturable no
        animatable no
        slider no
        numeric_range no 0.0 1
        ui_range no 0.0 1
        dg_active yes
        dg_cyclic no
        dirtiness_pass_through no
        read_only no
        shading_variable no
        experimental no
        advanced no
        overriden no
        promote_attribute no
        allow_expression yes
        localizable yes
        value "input"