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  • Category: Image
  • Default object name: diff

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Merge two images.


Name Type Description
Thumbnail bool Enable/Disable the display of the node thumbnail in the Build View.
Thumbnail Size double Set the size of the thumbnail in the Build View.
Caching long Cache result of this node
Clear Cache action Clear the internal image cached by the node. If you clear the image cache, the node will request an evaluation when displayed by the Image View.
Pass Through bool Enable pass through. If enabled, the node returns the input specified as Master Input.
Master Input string Define which input should be returned by the node if Pass Through is enabled.
B reference (ImageNode) Define the B image.
A reference (ImageNode) Define the A image.
Window long Define the resulting image window in the event the image window of the inputs mismatch.
Background Mode long Define the color of the background when the difference is lower than the specified threshold.
Background Color double[4] Set the background color when Background Mode is set to Use Background Color.
Difference Threshold double Set the threshold for which the node should display Difference Color when performing the difference operation.
Difference Color double[4] Set the resulting output color when the difference between A and B is higher than the specified threshold.