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Optix Denoiser#


  • Category: Image
  • Default object name: optix_denoiser

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Denoise the image using OptiX denoiser.


Name Type Description
Thumbnail bool Enable/Disable the display of the node thumbnail in the Build View.
Thumbnail Size double Set the size of the thumbnail in the Build View.
Caching long Cache result of this node
Clear Cache action Clear the internal image cached by the node. If you clear the image cache, the node will request an evaluation when displayed by the Image View.
Pass Through bool Enable pass through. If enabled, the node returns the input specified as Master Input.
Master Input string Define which input should be returned by the node if Pass Through is enabled.
A reference (ImageNode) Define the A image.
Strength double Control the strength of the denoiser output. It basically performs an over operation of the denoised output over the input image. When set to 100% you get the full output from the denoise image. When set to 0% you get the original input image.
Use Albedo bool Use the albedo AOV to guide the denoiser to improve the results. Note that sometimes this can introduce some artefacts leading to an image degradation.
Use World Normal bool Use the world_normal AOV to guide even further the denoiser. Note that you can only enable normals if the Raw Color is enabled.
Albedo AOV string Choose the name of the image channel layer you wish to use as raw color.
World Normal AOV string Choose the name of the image channel layer you wish to use as world normal.