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  • Category: /Material/Physical
  • Default object name: switch

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Switch material.


Name Type Description
Export Aovs bool Compute and write Aovs defined in the shading graph
Arbitrary Output Variables reference (AovStore) Set the list of extra channels to write to the image.
Light Path Expression Label string Set the material label in light path expressions.
Material Sample Count long Material sample count per pixel.
Diffuse Sampling Multiplier double Material diffuse sample count multiplier.
Glossy Reflection Sampling Multiplier double Material glossy reflection sample count multiplier.
Glossy Transmission Sampling Multiplier double Material glossy transmission sample count multiplier.
Subsurface Sampling Multiplier double Material subsurface sample count multiplier.
Volume Sampling Multiplier double Material volume sample count multiplier.
Russian Roulette double Amount of Russian roulette used on the material samples.
Roughness Noise Optimization double Noise reduction strategy along rough light path.
Diffuse Depth long Maximum diffuse depth.
Specular Reflection Depth long Maximum specular reflection depth.
Glossy Reflection Depth long Maximum glossy reflection depth.
Specular Transmission Depth long Maximum specular transmission depth.
Glossy Transmission Depth long Maximum glossy transmission depth.
Normal Mode long Define which geometric normal to use for the shading.
Reflective Caustics long Reflective caustics computation mode.
Refractive Caustics long Refractive caustics computation mode.
Seed long Set the seed of the random generator
Mode long Define how input color will be used to pick the material. In Randomize mode, it will randomly pick a material according to the input color. In Luminance mode, it will divide the computed luminance from the input color according to the number of materials. The material located in the right luminance interval will be selected. In Value mode, it will take the red channel of the input, the material located in the red value interval will be selected.
Input double[3] Define the input color used to pick the material.
Materials reference (MaterialPhysical) Set the list of material picked according to input color.