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Image Node Write#


  • Category: Process
  • Default object name: image_node_write

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Process that saves to disk the input image.


Name Type Description
Run Process action
Input reference (ImageNode) Image Node to write to disk.
Filename string Set the output filename. Filenames are expected to be of the form .ext eg. name.####.ext (for 4 digit padding), name.#.ext (no padding). The file extension may be modified depending on the output image format specified.
Current Filename string Path to current image.
Format long Set the output file format.
Open Exr Output Compression Mode long Set the compression mode when the image format is set to Open EXR.
Metadata string Additional Metadata that is stored in the image file such as an EXR. Note that not all image format supports Metadata.
Image Buffer Ouput Mode long Specify how the channels must be written in the output file.