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Write Abc#


  • Category: Process
  • Default object name: write_abc

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Process that writes an input context into an Alembic archive.


Name Type Description
Run Process action
Input Context reference Input context to export.
Filename string Output filename.
Batch Process Mode long Defines the kind of output when the process is called by batch process. When using 'Multiple Output Files', a separate file is created each time the process is run (e.g. 1 file per frame exported). When using 'Single Output File', a single monolithic file is created for the whole batch (e.g. 1 file containing the whole frame range).
Export Combiners bool When checked, combiners will be exported as pivots with their sub-objects as direct children. Sub-combiners are exported recursively.
Export Scatterers bool When checked, scatterers will be exported as a hierarchy of instances, otherwise scatterers and their instances are not exported.
Scatterer Export Mode long When using the Geometries mode, scattered instances are exported as is. When using the Bounding Boxes mode, instances are replaced by their bounding box.
Export Properties bool When checked, Particle Container properties will be exported. The exported properties are created under the standard Alembic property group .arbGeomParams.
Compatibility Mode long Select a preset for the properties options Fill Sparse Properties, Promote To Geometry Parameter and Bake Indexed Properties. Options are editable when using the mode None, otherwise they are read-only with pre-defined values.
Fill Sparse Properties bool When checked, sparse properties will be filled with a default value (zero). This option must be enabled to be compatible with applications that don't support sparse properties (e.g. Houdini).
Promote To Geometry Parameter bool When checked, all properties whose traits (type, size, ...) match Alembic's Typed Geometry Parameters will be exported as Geometry Parameters, and properties that don't match such traits are exported as regular properties. When unchecked, all properties are exported as regular properties. It is recommended to enable this option unless the target application doesn't support Geometry Parameters (e.g. Katana).
Bake Indexed Properties bool When checked, all indexed properties except Geometry Parameters will be baked as non-sparse array properties: values are unshared and will use more memory and disk space. Enabling this option can improve compatibility with other applications. When unchecked, indexed properties will be exported unchanged (a compound property with 2 children properties: an array of indices and an array of indexed values).