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Write Usd#


  • Category: Process
  • Default object name: write_usd

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Bakes the content of an input context into a USD stage.


Name Type Description
Run Process action
Input Context reference Input context to export.
Filename string Filename of the output stage. Choose .usda for text format (slow and huge file, only use for debug on small contexts) or .usdc for compact and fast binary format.
Default Prim long Configure the default prim of the exported stage. If 'Create' is chosen (default) an Xform root node will be created and used as the default prim. Otherwise you can choose an object from the scene to use as the default prim. In this case, beware that USD uses a kinematic hierarchy!
Root Prim reference (SceneItem) Choose which object will be set as the root prim of the exported stage. Note that USD uses a kinematic hierarchy, so be careful when choosing.
Use Instances bool When true, objects used more than once will be encapsulated in an instanceable xform, and instances will be used instead of simple references.
Export Invisible Objects bool By default, objects that are always invisible will not be exported. Use this to force them to be exported (they will be flagged invisible in USD)
Export Displacement bool When checked (by default) displacement and subdivision will be baked in the exported geometry
Anim Mode long Choose what animation data to export.
Custom Frame long Specify the frame to export, when using Custom Range mode.
Custom Frame Range long[2] Specify the start/end frames to export, when using Custom Range mode.