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  • Category: SceneAssembly
  • Default object name: extract

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Provides single item selection from a collection.


Name Type Description
Input Context reference Input Context to extract the item from.
Hide Input Link bool When turned on, the link between Extract and its Input Context is hidden in Build View.
Extract Rules action Create a new Rule Set node out of this node.
Filter string Specify the class (or type) of items for which the rule is evaluated. When no filter is specified, rule is applied to all items whatever their classes.
Rules string Define rules that target the resulting item. This field supports multiple rules. Rule evaluation stops as soon as a matching item is found.
Rule Set reference (RuleSet) Define a Rule Set to use for rule resolution.
Rule Set Mode long When set to Override (default value), the node only evaluates rules defined in the input Rule Set. When set to Merge, the Rule Set is merged to the rules defined by the node.
Extracted Item reference Currently extracted item.