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Black Body#


  • Category: Texture/Utility
  • Default object name: black_body

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Black-body emittance according to Planck's radiation law for a given temperature. Allows for some artistic (non-physical) modifications.


Name Type Description
Pass Through bool If checked, the current texture is not evaluated and the value of the attribute selected in Pass Through Attribute is directly forwarded.
Master Input string Name of the attribute that will be used as output if Pass Through is enabled.
Invert bool If checked, the texture is inverted.
Opacity double Set the opacity of the texture.
Temperature double Temperature that defines the emittance. Texture replaces value, it does not multiply!
Temperature Scale double Scalar to easily adjust the scale of the input temperature range.
Temperature Offset double Offset to easily adjust the range of the input temperature.
Energy Compression double Non-linear compression to adjust the temperature-dependent energy that is emitted. Allows to modify the relative brightness of different temperatures to each other. Use zero for physical behavior. Use one for normalized black-body emittance (constant energy, pure color gradient).
Saturation Factor double Change the saturation of the resulting color.
Gain double Scales the output for easier usage.