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  • Category: /Texture/Utility
  • Default object name: utility

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Utility texture allowing to output the information of the current fragment.


Name Type Description
Pass Through bool If checked, the current texture is not evaluated and the value of the attribute selected in Pass Through Attribute is directly forwarded.
Master Input string Name of the attribute that will be used as output if Pass Through is enabled.
Invert bool If checked, the texture is inverted.
Opacity double Set the opacity of the texture.
Output long Set which information should be outputted from the texture. See the documentation for more details.
Surface long Set the geometry approximation model for normals and derivatives.
Space long Set the space for positions, normals and derivatives output.
Parent Level long Set the level of the parent to use for custom IDs and attributes. The positive values are relative to the current level so 1 correspond to the direct parent of the current object. Negative values will start at the highest parent with -1 and move down to the current object.
Uv Slot reference (UvSlot) Define which UV slot is used when the output mode is set to UV Map.
Item reference (SceneItem) Define which scene item is used for Item Position/Rotation/Scale modes.
Custom Attribute Name string Name of the attribute which evaluated in cutom attribute mode
ID Output Mode long Set the type of display to use when outputting an ID.
ID Color Seed long