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Particle Paint#


  • Category: Create
  • Default object name: particle_paint

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Paint particles in Point Cloud objects.


Name Type Description
Opacity Threshold double Set the threshold value under which the object is considered transparent therefore not selectable.
Picking Precision long Distance in screen space for particle picking.
Paint Mode long Define mouse interaction: either Stamp (one particle spread created on mouse down, modified while mouse is dragged, validated on mouse up) or Sketch.
Tool Type long
Display Path bool Display current stroke's path and brush hits.
Display Properties bool Display current stroke's exported properties.
Save Brush action Save current Brush settings as a Preset.
Load Brush action Select a Brush among Presets.
Save Eraser action Save current Eraser settings as a Preset.
Load Eraser action Select an Eraser among Presets.
Save Snapper action Save current Snapper settings as a Preset.
Load Snapper action Select a Snapper among Presets.
Geometry Group reference (Group) Group of scene objects we can apply particles on.
Snap Default Plane long Snap plane when no surface is hit.
Surface Normal bool Normal to surface at brush location.
Surface Raycast bool Raycast data on hit surface.
Path UV bool U along stroke path, V as distance to stroke path, both normalized in [0,1] range.
Brush Orientation bool Vector from brush center to particle.
Path Direction bool Stroke vector orientation (local tangent to path).
Rotation long Combine Surface Normal and Brush or Path vector to local rotation (to be used by an ExtractProperty node and mapped onto a Scatterer rotation for example).
Brush Distance bool Distance from brush center to particle.
Scaling long Convert brush distance to uniform scaling (to be used by an ExtractProperty node and mapped onto a Scatterer scale for example).
Stroke Id bool Id of stroke the particle belongs to.
Custom bool Custom property defined below.
Custom Name string Property name.
Custom Value string Property value(s).