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Ambient Occlusion#

The Ambient Occlusion integrator renders images by performing illumination via Ambient Occlusion (Note that scene lights are ignored during rendering).

By default, the Ambient Occlusion integrator evaluates the basic diffuse component of materials. This can be changed by disabling Use Raw Color so that a custom color can be set for all items. The number of samples used to compute the Ambient Occlusion can be set using the Sample Count attribute.

AO Integrator


Scene objects assigned with the default material project://default/material are rendered in pink.

Mountains with default material appear in Pink

Mountains with default material project//default/material appear in Pink

Occlusion Color#

It is possible to change the occlusion color which is black by default.


You can control the maximum radius or length of Ambient Occlusion rays using the Radius attribute. By default, Radius is set to infinite which means that the rays will stop only when a geometry is intersected along the ray path.

Radius set to infinite default

Radius set to 30 mRadius set to 30 m


It is also possible to control the angle the cone used to sample the ambient occlusion using the Angle attribute. A value of 180°, samples the hemisphere aligned to the surface normal whereas a value of 0° directly launches the occlusion rays along the surface normal.

Evaluate Transparency#

You can force the integrator to evaluate the transparency channels of materials by enabling Evaluate Transparency.