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While AOVs are not managed at the renderer level, the raytracer still offers some options to control how AOVs are computed. For a complete overview of the AOV workflow of the raytracer please refer to the AOVs Workflow section.

Matte Object AOV Mode#

You can set the behavior of matte objects (or holdouts) in AOVs by setting Matte Object AOV Mode.

  • When set to Affect Beauty AOVs matte objects are visible in all AOVs except rgba whatever their Matte Alpha value.
  • When set to Affect All AOVs, matte objects contribution in AOVs is pre-multiplied by their Matte Alpha attribute value.

rgba AOVs

Matte Object AOV Mode set to Affect Beauty Note how the plane is visible

Matte Object AOV Mode set to Affect All AOVs Note how the plane is now invisible

Export AOVs#

You can disable AOV evaluation by disabling Export AOVs. Disabling AOV evaluation can greatly speed up rendering on scenes that have many AOVs.