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Clarisse 5.0 Reference Guide

Unlike in traditional applications, final rendering in Clarisse is part of the compositing workflow. To start a render, you must display an Image Node Render in the Image View which will then evaluate it and launch the render according to the render settings. Alternatively it is possible to render in batch using an Image Node Write process that can be either rendered in Clarisse or on a renderfarm using CNode.


New to Clarisse?

It is also possible to render interactively your scene using the 3D View if its display mode is set to Previz or Progressive Rendering. Please refer to 3D View for more information.


Clarisse provides a set of nodes dedicated to rendering. There are 2 main nodes that are specific to the build assembly rendering workflow:

  • The Render Scene which defines and setup a 3D Scene.
  • The AOV Set which defines a set of Light Path Expressions and AOVs to use in a render.



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