Clarisse 5.0 SP8 SDK
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AbcInputArchiveHandle Class Reference

Public Types

enum  ObjectType {
 Alembic object type.

Public Member Functions

 AbcInputArchiveHandle (const AbcInputArchiveHandle &other)=delete
 AbcInputArchiveHandle (AbcInputArchiveHandle &&other)=delete
AbcInputArchiveHandleoperator= (const AbcInputArchiveHandle &other)=delete
AbcInputArchiveHandleoperator= (AbcInputArchiveHandle &&other)=delete
void lock () const
void unlock () const
void set_lock (SysThreadLockRecursive *lock)
const CoreStringget_object_name () const
void set_object_name (const CoreString &object_name)
const AbcFileListget_filenames () const
void set_filenames (const AbcFileList &filenames)
void set_filenames (AbcFileList &&filenames)
void * get_archive () const
void set_archive (void *archive)
bool is_archive_valid () const
void * get_object () const
void set_object (void *object, const ObjectType &object_type)
bool is_object_valid () const
void delete_object ()
const ObjectTypeget_object_type () const
size_t get_memory_size () const
bool invalidate ()
void set_archive_invalidation_block (CoreFunction< bool()> &&block)
void clear_archive_invalidation_block ()

Static Public Member Functions

static const char * get_object_type_name (const ObjectType &value)

Detailed Description

Class to handle an input Alembic archive (for reading).

The handle can also contain a pointer to an object inside the Alembic archive hierarchy, but this is optional.

Since Alembic 1.7 an archive can be created from a single Alembic file (like in 1.6 or before), but also with multiple files, where each additonal file acts as a layer.