Clarisse 5.0 SP8 SDK
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CanvasImage Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for CanvasImage:

Public Types

enum  InterpMode {
 Mipmap interpolation modes.

Public Member Functions

 CanvasImage (Image4LayerPtr img)
bool update_visible_region (const GMathMatrix4x4f &m2img)
void update (CanvasView &view)
Image4LayerPtr get_layer ()
float get_mipmap_level () const
int get_quality () const
void set_quality (int q)
int get_proxy_height () const
const GMathVec3f & get_translation () const
float get_translation_x () const
float get_translation_y () const
float get_translation_z () const
float get_scale_y () const
void set_scale_y (float sy)
float get_aspect () const
int get_mipmap_count () const
int get_mipmap0 () const
int get_mipmap1 () const
int get_interp_mode () const
float get_mipmap_t () const
INodeUint32 get_tile_base () const
void set_tile_base (INodeUint32 base)
INodeUint32 get_tile_count () const
bool is_visible () const
void set_translation (float tx, float ty, float tz)
const Region2f & get_bbox () const
const Region2f & get_visible_region () const
void set_mipmap (InterpMode interp_mode, int m0, int m1, float t)

Public Attributes

int m_quality
 Image quality. Note: always 0.
float m_mipmap
 Mipmap level.
int m_mipmap0
 Nearest mipmap of higher quality .
int m_mipmap1
 Nearest mipmap of lower quality.
float m_mipmap_t
 Mipmap interpolation factor.
InterpMode m_interp_mode
 Mipmap interpolation mode.
float m_scale_y
 Y scale.
bool m_is_visible
 True is the image is visible in the widget viewport (even partially).
bool m_is_hidden
 True if the image is hidden. Note: always false.
Image4LayerPtr m_layer
 Image layer.
INodeUint32 m_tile_base
Region2f m_visible_rgn
 Visible region in the range [0,1]. E.g. if canvas is fully visible, the region is ((0, 0), (1, 1)).
Region2f m_bbox
 Image bounding box.
GMathVec3f m_translate
 Image position.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CanvasImage::CanvasImage ( Image4LayerPtr  lyr)


Member Function Documentation

void CanvasImage::set_mipmap ( InterpMode  interp_mode,
int  m0,
int  m1,
float  t 

Set mipmap settings.

interp_modeMipmap interpolation mode.
m0Nearest mipmap of higher quality.
m1Nearest mipmap of lower quality.
tMipmap interpolation factor.
void CanvasImage::set_quality ( int  q)

Set canvas quality.

void CanvasImage::set_translation ( float  tx,
float  ty,
float  tz 

Set canvas translation.

void CanvasImage::update ( CanvasView view)

Update the canvas with the specified CanvasView.

bool CanvasImage::update_visible_region ( const GMathMatrix4x4f &  m2img)

Update visible region.

true if the region is not empty, false if empty.