Clarisse 5.0 SP8 SDK
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CanvasImages Class Reference

Public Member Functions

CanvasImagePtroperator[] (unsigned int idx)
CanvasImagePtr create_image (INodeComponent component)
void destroy_image (INodeComponent component)
void on_graph_destroyed ()
void lock ()
void unlock ()
INodeUint32 get_count () const
void invalidate ()
void update (CanvasView &view)
CoreBasicArray< CanvasImagePtrget_images ()

Detailed Description

CanvasImage array.

Member Function Documentation

CanvasImagePtr CanvasImages::create_image ( INodeComponent  component)

Created and append a CanvasImage.

void CanvasImages::destroy_image ( INodeComponent  component)

Destroy the CanvasImage matching the specified INodeComponent.

void CanvasImages::invalidate ( )

Invalidate all images.

void CanvasImages::on_graph_destroyed ( )

Destroy all images.

void CanvasImages::update ( CanvasView view)

Update all images using the specified CanvasView.