Clarisse 5.0 SP8 SDK
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CtxFrustum Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for CtxFrustum:

Public Member Functions

void init (const GMathRay<>::Type &ray_type=GMathRay<>::TYPE_CAMERA, const GeometryFrustumData::GatherMode &mode=GeometryFrustumData::GATHER_PARTIAL_OBJECTS)
- Public Member Functions inherited from GeometryFrustumData
 GeometryFrustumData (const GeometryFrustumData &src)
GeometryFrustumCtxget_ctx ()
 Get the context of the frustum test.


class CtxRaytracePool

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from GeometryFrustumData
enum  GatherMode {
- Public Attributes inherited from GeometryFrustumData
GatherMode gather_mode
 gathering mode
GMathRay::Type ray_type
 the type of ray to use when testing objects
 the frustum to use for the test
CoreVector< unsigned int > * hits
 array containing the indices of objects that have been caught by the frustum test (can be null)
CoreVector< GeometryVertex > * geom_vertices
 array containing description of geometries vertices that are in the frustum (can be null)