Clarisse 5.0 SP8 SDK
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CtxRaytrace Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for CtxRaytrace:

Public Member Functions

void init (const unsigned int &size, const unsigned int &sampling_seed=0, const unsigned int &sampling_offset=0, const unsigned int &sampling_dimension=0)
 Initialize the context.
void clear ()
 Remove all intersections.
- Public Member Functions inherited from GeometryRaytraceData
 GeometryRaytraceData (const GeometryRaytraceData &src)
GeometryRaytraceCtxget_ctx ()
 Get the context of the raytracing.
const GeometryRaytraceCtxget_ctx () const
const GeometryMotionBlurSampleget_ray_motion_blur (const unsigned int &ray_index) const
 Get information about the motion blur sample used for a ray (filled by the raytracer)
Flags get_available_flag ()
 Get an unused flag.
Flags get_reserved_flags () const
 Get all flags that has been reserved manually.
Flags reserve_flags (const Flags &flags)
 Reserve several flags and returns flags that has been reserved successfully.
void release_flags (const Flags &flags)
 Release flags.
void release_all_flags ()
 Release all flags.


class CtxRaytracePool

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from GeometryRaytraceData
enum  OpacityMode {
 Possible opacity modes. More...
enum  {
 Deprecated flags.
enum  {
  FLAG_NONE = 0,
  FLAG_HIT = 1 << 0,
 Builtin flags.
typedef GeometryRaytraceCtx::Flags Flags
- Public Attributes inherited from GeometryRaytraceData
OpacityMode opacity_mode
 tell how to interpret the opacity of objects
bool process_matte_objects
 when true, the raytracing will consider matte objects has occluders
bool allow_deferring
unsigned int dimension
 first sampling dimension that can be used during the raytracing
 frustum containing the packet of rays (can be null)
 packet of rays to cast
unsigned int * seeds
 array of sampling seeds associated to each ray
unsigned int * ids
 array of sampling ids associated to each ray
double * tnear
 array of near clipping plane values for each ray
double * tfar
 array of far clipping plane values for each ray
 pointer to the map holding the intersection results
union {
Flags * results
Flags * flags
 array of flags for each ray: used to tell if the ray has hit something but can be used to store additionnal information
unsigned int ray_count
 the number of rays in the packet
int first_ray
 the index of the first ray to process in the packet
int last_ray
 the index of the last ray to process in the packet

Member Function Documentation

void CtxRaytrace::init ( const unsigned int &  size,
const unsigned int &  sampling_seed = 0,
const unsigned int &  sampling_offset = 0,
const unsigned int &  sampling_dimension = 0 

Initialize the context.

[in]sizenumber of rays
[in]sampling_seedthe sampling seed used to generate rays
[in]sampling_offsetsample index to start from when assigning sample indices to each ray
[in]sampling_dimensionthe sampling dimension used to generate rays