Clarisse 5.0 SP8 SDK
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GLCanvas Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 GLCanvas (bool double_buffer, bool is_ple)
 ~GLCanvas ()
void draw (const CoreBasicArray< CanvasImagePtr > images, const CanvasView &view)
INodeTimeStamp set_dirty (bool redraw=true)
INodeTimeStamp get_updated_stamp ()
bool should_draw ()
void set_options (const GLCanvasOptions &options)
void set_max_frame_time (INodeUint32 ms)
void update_image_list ()

Detailed Description

Image canvas: handles the image data to send it to OpenGL.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GLCanvas::GLCanvas ( bool  double_buffer,
bool  is_ple 


GLCanvas::~GLCanvas ( )

Destructor: delete all data and textures.

Member Function Documentation

void GLCanvas::draw ( const CoreBasicArray< CanvasImagePtr images,
const CanvasView view 

Draw the CanvasImages.

void GLCanvas::set_max_frame_time ( INodeUint32  ms)

Set maximum frame time in milliseconds (min = 10 ms).

Currently has no effect whatsoever...
void GLCanvas::set_options ( const GLCanvasOptions options)

Set canvas options and update the shader program accordingly.

void GLCanvas::update_image_list ( )

Update the ImageInfo buffer.