Clarisse 5.0 SP8 SDK
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GeometryOverrideConfig Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 GeometryOverrideConfig ()
 Empty constructor.
 GeometryOverrideConfig (const CoreBasicArray< ShadingGroupLinks > &shading_groups)
 Construct a config from a list of overriden shading_groups.
 GeometryOverrideConfig (const double &time_offset)
 Construct a config from a given time_offset in seconds.
 GeometryOverrideConfig (const CoreBasicArray< ShadingGroupLinks > &shading_groups, const double &time_offset)
 Construct a config from a list of overriden shading_groups and time_offset.
unsigned int get_hash (void) const

Public Attributes

CoreBasicArray< ShadingGroupLinks > shading_groups
 Overriden shading groups.
double time_offset
 Time offset applied to the current time in seconds.

Detailed Description

Configuration of a geometry override. This is just a thin wrapper around override information: "I'd like an override at this time offset and with this shading groups". Instances of this are passed to the modules to let them create (or not) instances of GeometryOverride.

See Also

Member Function Documentation

unsigned int GeometryOverrideConfig::get_hash ( void  ) const

Get the hash corresponding to this config. This hash is what should be used to identify a variation in the resource handler.