Clarisse 5.0 SP8 SDK
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GeometryRayFrustumCtx Class Reference

Class holding the current context of the frustum test. More...


struct  FilterData
struct  RayFrustumProjectionQuad

Public Types

typedef bool(* FilterObjectCallback )(const CtxEval &eval_ctx, const GeometryRayFrustumCtx &frustum_ctx, FilterData &data)

Public Member Functions

const GeometryRayFrustumDataget_data () const
 Get the input data.
const GMathFrustumget_world_frustum () const
const GMathFrustumget_local_frustum () const
const GMathBasicRayget_local_ray () const
const ModuleSceneObjectget_current_object () const
double get_tnear () const
double get_tfar () const
const GMathRayget_world_ray () const
get_intersection () const
void set_intersection (const double &t, const double &opacity, const unsigned int &primitive_id)
const double & get_nb_display_pixels () const
const unsigned int & get_nb_rays () const
const unsigned int & get_current_ray_id () const
const GMathMatrix4x4d * get_transform () const
const GMathVec3d & get_local_normal () const
const RayFrustumProjectionQuadget_projection_quad_vertices () const
void init_local (const GeometryRayFrustumCtx &original, const GMathMatrix4x4d &mat, const GMathMatrix4x4d &inv_mat, ModuleSceneObject *object)
void init (const unsigned int &ray_id)
FilterObjectCallback get_object_filter_callback () const
FilterDataget_object_filter_data () const
void push_object_filter (FilterObjectCallback cb, FilterData &data)
void pop_object_filter ()
void clear_object_filters ()
void copy_object_filters (const GeometryRayFrustumCtx &src)
bool apply_object_filters (const CtxEval &eval_ctx) const


class GeometryRayFrustumData

Detailed Description

Class holding the current context of the frustum test.

Class Documentation

struct GeometryRayFrustumCtx::RayFrustumProjectionQuad
Class Members
GMathVec3d v0
GMathVec3d v1
GMathVec3d v2
GMathVec3d v3