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GuiBrowserSpreadsheet Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for GuiBrowserSpreadsheet:
GuiOfItemSpreadsheet GuiSpreadsheet GuiWidget EventObject CoreCustomData CoreBaseObject CoreBaseType

Public Types

typedef bool(* VisibilityCallback )(const OfItem &)

Public Member Functions

 GuiBrowserSpreadsheet (GuiWidget &parent, const int &x, const int &y, const int &w, const int &h, const CoreVector< const OfClass * > &filter_classes)
void set_context (const OfContext *context, const bool &is_issuer=true) override
void set_context_object (OfConstObjectHandle object, const bool &is_issuer=true) override
void set_vizroot (const OfContext *context)
void set_filter_classes (const CoreVector< const OfClass * > &filter_classes) override
void set_filter_name (const CoreString &filter_name, const bool &is_issuer=true)
void set_hide_items (const CoreSet< const OfItem * > &items)
void set_visibility_callback (VisibilityCallback cb)
int process_event (const CoreString &event_id) override
 This method is called whenever an event happens on this widget. Override this to catch and process them.
virtual void draw (GuiDc &dc) override
 This is the main drawing method of the widget.
void set_sort_type (const int &type) override
void set_is_dirty (const bool &value=true)
void clear () override
bool add_column_type (const int type, const CoreString name) override
bool remove_column_type (const int type) override
void set_display_only_contexts (const bool &state)
bool is_display_only_contexts ()
void set_show_build_root (const bool &value)
void allow_mutable_objects ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from GuiOfItemSpreadsheet
 GuiOfItemSpreadsheet (GuiWidget &parent, const int &x, const int &y, const int &w, const int &h, const CoreVector< const OfClass * > &filter_classes)
virtual void set_selection (const CoreVector< OfItemHandle > &selection, const bool &is_issuer=true)
const OfContextget_current_context ()
OfConstObjectHandle get_current_context_object ()
const CoreVector< const
OfClass * > & 
get_filter_classes () const
void on_spreadsheet_selection_changed_cb (EventObject &, const EventObject::EventInfo &, void *)
virtual void on_spreadsheet_selection_changed ()
ImageIcon::ImageIconSize get_icon_size ()
void set_icon_size (const ImageIcon::ImageIconSize size)
virtual void insert_row (const unsigned int &index, GuiSpreadsheetRow &row) override
 insert row in spreadsheet at the given index
virtual void insert_row (const unsigned int &index, GuiSpreadsheetRow &row, const unsigned int &parent_row_index) override
 insert row in spreadsheet at the given index
virtual void move_row (const unsigned int &row_index, const unsigned int &move_to_index) override
virtual int add_row (GuiSpreadsheetRow &row)
virtual void remove_row (const int &index) override
virtual void remove_rows (const int &index, const int &range) override
virtual void remove_all_data (const bool reset_cursor=false) override
int get_index_row (OfConstItemHandle item)
const GuiItemDraw::NameDisplay & get_display_object_name ()
void set_display_object_name (const GuiItemDraw::NameDisplay &name_display)
virtual void set_cell_content (GuiSpreadsheetCellBasic &cell, const CoreString &text) override
virtual void start_edit_cell_content () override
bool is_valid_class_by_filter (const OfClass &of_class)
bool is_valid_by_text_filter (const OfItem &item)
virtual bool do_initiate_dnd_event () override
virtual bool is_valid_dnd_data () override
virtual int on_dnd_enter () override
virtual int on_dnd_leave () override
virtual int on_dnd_release () override
void on_menu_rename (GuiMenu &sender, const EventInfo &event_id, void *data)
void focus_on_selection_after_widget_update ()
unsigned int get_used_rows_count_from_pool ()
GuiOfItemSpreadsheetRowget_new_row_from_pool (bool &recycle)
void free_row_from_pool (GuiOfItemSpreadsheetRow *row)
GuiOfItemSpreadsheet::name_and_number_for_qsortget_new_name_and_number_from_pool (bool &recycle)
void free_name_and_number_from_pool (GuiOfItemSpreadsheet::name_and_number_for_qsort *name_and_number)
bool has_object (const OfItem *item)
void set_display_always_obj_with_emdedded_obj (const OfClass *display)
const OfClassget_display_always_obj_with_emdedded_obj ()
void allow_open_in_external_widgets (const bool &value)
void show_shadowed_items (bool show)
bool shadowed_items_shown () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from GuiSpreadsheet
 GuiSpreadsheet (GuiWidget &parent, const int &x, const int &y, const int &w, const int &h, CoreVector< GuiWidget * > *toolbar_widget_left=0, CoreVector< GuiWidget * > *toolbar_widget_right=0)
virtual void resize (const int &x, const int &y, const int &w, const int &h) override
virtual void show () override
void draw_grid (GuiDc &dc)
void select_all ()
void unselect_all (bool reset_cursor=false)
void invert_selection_rows ()
void add_column (const CoreString &title, const bool &enable=true)
void add_column (const CoreString &title, const double &ratio, const bool &resizable=true, const bool &enable=true)
void add_column (const CoreString &title, const int &width, const bool &resizable=true, const bool &enable=true)
void remove_column (const int &index)
void set_column_ratio (const int &index, const double &ratio)
int get_column_ratio (const int &index)
void set_column_width (const int &index, const int &width)
unsigned int get_column_index (const CoreString &title) const
 get column index of first column found with specified title. return CORE_INVALID_INDEX if not column found with this title.
int get_column_width (const int &index) const
void set_column_resizable (const int &index, const bool &resizable)
bool is_column_resizable (const int &index) const
void set_column_auto_fit (const int &index, const bool &enable)
bool is_column_auto_fit (const int &index) const
void set_column_enabled (const int &column_index, const bool &enable)
bool is_column_enabled (const int &column_index) const
void set_column_can_read_only (const int &column_index, const bool &value)
bool is_column_can_read_only (const int &column_index) const
virtual void set_column_sort_type (const int &column_index, const int &type)
virtual int get_column_sort_type (const int &column_index) const
virtual void set_column_icon (const int &column_index, const GuiImage *icon)
virtual const GuiImageget_column_icon (const int &column_index) const
const CoreStringget_column_title (const int &index) const
void set_full_row_select (const bool &enable)
bool is_full_row_select () const
void set_show_cursor (const bool &enable)
bool is_show_cursor () const
void enable_multi_selection (const bool &enable)
bool is_multi_selection () const
void set_read_only (const bool &enable)
bool is_read_only () const
void enable_multiselection_by_drag (const bool &enable)
bool is_multiselection_by_drag () const
void enable_preselection (const bool &enable)
bool is_preselection () const
void enable_copy_to_clipboard (const bool &enable)
bool is_enable_copy_to_clipboard () const
void set_shaded (const bool &enable)
bool is_shaded () const
virtual void set_tree_mode (const bool &mode)
void refresh_rows_visibility ()
bool is_tree_mode () const
void set_show_grid (const bool &enable)
void set_show_horizontal_grid (const bool &enable)
void set_show_vertical_grid (const bool &enable)
bool is_show_horizontal_grid () const
bool is_show_vertical_grid () const
int get_horizontal_grid_size () const
int get_vertical_grid_size () const
void set_show_header_column (const bool &enable)
bool is_show_header_column () const
void set_show_header_row (const bool &enable)
bool is_show_header_row () const
void set_resize_only_one_column (const bool &enable)
bool is_resize_only_one_column () const
void enable_selection_collapsed_rows (const bool &enable)
bool is_enable_selection_collapsed_rows () const
void set_tree_column_index (const int &index)
const int & get_tree_column_index () const
void set_fit_button_in_height_cell (const bool &enable)
bool is_fit_button_in_height_cell () const
void set_focus_on_input_value_edit ()
void set_show_line_edit (const bool &enable)
bool is_show_line_edit () const
void remove_line_edit_from_toolbar ()
int get_header_column_height () const
int get_header_row_width () const
void set_row_height (const int &row_height)
const int & get_row_height () const
int get_row_total_height () const
void set_minimum_column_width (const int &width)
const int & get_minimum_column_width () const
virtual int add_row (GuiSpreadsheetRow &row, const bool &select=false, const bool &set_dirty=true)
 add a row into spreadsheet
virtual void add_rows (const CoreVector< GuiSpreadsheetRow * > &rows, const bool &set_dirty=true)
virtual GuiSpreadsheetRowget_row (const int &index) const
const CoreVector
< GuiSpreadsheetRow * > & 
get_rows () const
CoreVector< GuiSpreadsheetRow * > & get_rows ()
virtual void remove_rows (CoreBasicArray< unsigned int > row_index)
virtual void remove_selected_rows ()
void expand_all (const bool &expand)
void set_selection_row (unsigned int index, bool select)
void set_selection_rows (const CoreBasicArray< unsigned int > &index_rows, bool select, bool clear=true)
void set_selection_cells (const CoreVector< GMathVec2ui > &select)
unsigned int get_column_count () const
unsigned int get_row_count () const
const CoreVector
< GuiSpreadsheetHeaderData > & 
get_columns () const
void set_highlighted_row (unsigned int index, bool select)
void get_highlighted_row (CoreVector< int > &rows_selected) const
void clear_highlight ()
bool is_custom_height_by_row ()
void enable_custom_height_by_row (const bool &enable)
unsigned int is_multi_cell_selected () const
bool is_row_selected (const int &index) const
bool is_cell_selected (const int &row, const int &column) const
void get_selected_rows (CoreVector< unsigned int > &rows_selected) const
void get_selected_cells (CoreVector< GMathVec2ui > &cells_selected) const
bool has_full_row_selected (const int &index) const
void get_ordered_row_selection (CoreVector< unsigned int > &rows_selected) const
bool is_row_highlighted (const int &index)
void on_cell_line_edit (GuiLineEdit &edit, const EventInfo &evt, void *data)
virtual void end_edit_cell_content ()
void hide_edit_field (GuiSpreadsheetCellBasic &text_cell, bool update_cell_content)
void show_edit_field (GuiSpreadsheetCellBasic &edited_cell)
GuiLineEditget_cell_line_edit () const
bool is_renaming_cell ()
void set_column_index_of_full_row_edition (const unsigned int index)
unsigned int get_column_index_of_full_row_edition ()
void set_enable_focus_by_key (bool enable)
void set_column_index_of_key_focus (const unsigned int index)
unsigned int get_column_index_of_key_focus ()
void set_input_value_edit (const CoreString &value, GuiSpreadsheetCell *cell, const int &column, const int &row)
void update_input_value_edit (const CoreString &value, const bool &send_validate)
CoreString get_input_value_edit () const
GuiSpreadsheetCellget_cell (const int &column, const int &row) const
GuiSpreadsheetCellget_cell_under_mouse () const
void get_cell_position (GuiSpreadsheetCell &cell, int &column_idx, int &row_idx) const
 get the row where the cell is located if you already know its column
unsigned int get_row_index (GuiSpreadsheetRow *row)
GMathVec2ui get_cell_indices (GuiSpreadsheetCell *cell)
void set_input_value_edit_roundness (const GuiWidget::Roundness &roundness)
void get_clicked_cell_position (int &column, int &row) const
void set_cursor_position (const int &column, const int &row)
void get_cursor_position (int &column, int &row) const
const int & get_preselection_column () const
const int & get_preselection_row () const
const DndMode & get_dnd_mode () const
void set_dnd_mode (const DndMode &mode)
void set_dnd_reparenting_row_candidates (CoreVector< unsigned int > &parents)
unsigned int get_dnd_reparenting_row () const
void get_dnd_info (int &dnd_row, int &dnd_column, bool &row_bottom)
const int & get_row_offset_index () const
void set_row_offset_index (int irow)
const int & get_padding_x () const
const int & get_padding_y () const
void set_padding_x (const int &padding_x)
void set_padding_y (const int &padding_y)
int get_cell_pos_x (const int &column_index) const
int get_cell_pos_y (const int &row_index) const
int get_cell_width (const int &column_index) const
virtual void enable_column_sort (const bool &enable)
virtual const bool & get_is_enable_column_sort () const
virtual const int & get_sort_type () const
virtual void set_sort_order (const int &order)
virtual const int & get_sort_order () const
void reset_cursor_position ()
void enabled_highlight_text (const int &column_index, const bool &enable)
virtual bool is_highlight_text_enabled (int column_index, int row_index) const
virtual void clear_highlight_text ()
virtual void set_highlight_text (const CoreString &highlight_text, const bool &refresh=true)
const CoreVector< CoreString > & get_highlight_text ()
virtual void enable_case_sensitive_highlight (const bool &case_sensitive, const bool &refresh=true)
const bool & is_case_sensitive_highlight_enabled ()
void set_is_disable_focus_on_row (const bool &value)
bool is_disable_focus_on_row ()
void clear_rows_is_removed ()
void focus_on_row (const int &row_index)
bool is_valid_by_text_filter (const CoreString &text)
const int & get_row_index_display_start_offset () const
void set_row_index_display_start_offset (const int &value)
CoreVector< unsigned int > get_permute_rows ()
CoreArray< unsigned int > fill_permute_rows ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from GuiWidget
 GuiWidget (GuiWidget &parent, const int &x, const int &y, const int &w, const int &h)
 GuiWidget (GuiApp &app, const int &x, const int &y, const int &w, const int &h)
virtual void load_settings (const ParserGroup &settings)
virtual void save_settings (ParserGroup &settings)
void destroy ()
virtual bool is_shown () const
bool is_hidden () const
bool is_recursive_destroyed () const
const bool & is_destroyed () const
virtual void hide ()
virtual GuiWidgetget_parent () const
const GuiWindowget_root_window () const
virtual void set_parent (GuiWidget *parent)
GuiWindowget_window () const
const int & get_width () const
const int & get_height () const
const int & get_x () const
const int & get_y () const
void set_width (int width)
void set_height (int height)
virtual const GMathVec2i & get_size () const
void set_size (int x, int y, int w, int h)
void set_position (const int &x, const int &y, bool origin=true)
 sets position , leave size unchanged.
virtual const GMathVec2i & get_position () const
void set_mouse_cursor (const Gui::MouseCursorId &cursor)
const Gui::MouseCursorId & get_mouse_cursor () const
void set_font (const GuiFont &font)
GuiFontget_font () const
const CoreStringget_tooltip () const
virtual void set_tooltip (const CoreString &tooltip)
void force_tooltip ()
virtual bool is_enabled () const
virtual void enable ()
 Activate the widget.
virtual void disable ()
 Deativate the widget.
bool is_active () const
 Get the active state of the widget, without taking the parents into account.
void set_enable (bool enable)
 Set the active state of this widget.
virtual GuiColorSchemeget_color_scheme () const
void set_color (const GuiColorScheme::Group &group, const GuiColorScheme::Role &role, const unsigned char &r, const unsigned char &g, const unsigned char &b)
void set_color (const GuiColorScheme::Group &group, const GuiColorScheme::Role &role, const GMathVec3uc &color)
void get_color (const GuiColorScheme::Group &group, const GuiColorScheme::Role &role, unsigned char &r, unsigned char &g, unsigned char &b) const
const GMathVec3uc & get_color (const GuiColorScheme::Group &group, const GuiColorScheme::Role &role) const
GMathVec3uc get_highlighted_color (const GMathVec3uc &, const float &factor=1.2f, const bool &keep_max_gap=true) const
bool is_entered () const
virtual void set_focus ()
bool children_has_focus (GuiWidget *widget) const
bool has_focus () const
void lose_focus ()
bool is_focus_receiver () const
void set_focus_receiver (const bool &receiver)
bool is_key_receiver () const
void set_key_receiver (const bool &receiver)
virtual void redraw ()
 This will ask the widget to be drawn again.
virtual CtxDrawget_draw_ctx () const
 Return the drawing context needed by ModuleTool to draw in the widget.
void set_is_dirty (const bool &value=true)
bool get_is_dirty ()
 returns if widget is dirty or not.
void compute_children_bbox (GMathVec2i &lo, GMathVec2i &hi) const
const CoreVector< GuiWidget * > & get_children () const
GuiAppget_application () const
GuiActionregister_action (const CoreString &name, GuiAction::Function function, const CoreString &shortcut, const CoreString &tooltip="", void *data=0, const GuiImage *icon=0)
const CoreVector< GuiAction * > & get_actions () const
GuiActionget_action (const CoreString &name) const
void get_actions_recursively (CoreVector< GuiAction * > &actions) const
void remove_action (GuiAction *action, bool delete_it)
void remove_all_actions ()
void register_hotkey (const CoreString &shortcut, const CoreString &tooltip)
const CoreVector< Hotkey > & get_hotkeys () const
void get_hotkeys_recursively (CoreVector< Hotkey > &hotkeys) const
const int & get_top_offset () const
const int & get_bottom_offset () const
const int & get_left_offset () const
const int & get_right_offset () const
const Constraint & get_top_constraint () const
const Constraint & get_bottom_constraint () const
const Constraint & get_left_constraint () const
const Constraint & get_right_constraint () const
virtual void set_constraints (const Constraint &left, const Constraint &top, const Constraint &right, const Constraint &bottom)
void set_active_constraints (const bool &active)
virtual const bool & is_active_constraints () const
void set_recursive_constraints (const bool &recursive)
virtual const bool & is_recursive_constraints () const
void disable_clipping ()
void enable_clipping ()
void get_clip_region (int &x, int &y, int &w, int &h) const
virtual void set_clip_region (const int &x, const int &y, const int &w, const int &h)
const bool & is_clipping_enabled () const
void bring_to_front ()
void enable_tab_navigation (const bool &enable)
const bool & is_tab_navigation_enabled () const
virtual bool is_visible () const
virtual void update_color_scheme (const GuiColorScheme &scheme)
virtual void paste (const CoreString &clipboard)
bool initiate_dnd_event (const CoreVector< CoreBaseObject * > &data)
 Initiate Drag'n drop event.
bool initiate_dnd_event (CoreVector< OfHandle > &data)
bool initiate_dnd_event (CoreBaseObject *data)
 See initiate_dnd_event.
bool initiate_dnd_event (OfHandle data)
virtual GuiWidgetget_next_focus_widget () const
virtual GuiWidgetget_previous_focus_widget () const
void give_focus_to_next_widget ()
void give_focus_to_previous_widget ()
void get_parent_effective_clip_region (int &x, int &y, int &w, int &h) const
const bool & is_widget_visible (GuiWidget &child) const
const bool & is_show_children () const
void set_show_children (const bool &show_children)
template<class WidgetType >
WidgetType * get_parent_widget () const
 Return the first occurence of WidgetType* in the widget parent hierarchy, or 0 if not found.
virtual size_t get_memory_size () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from EventObject
 EventObject ()
 EventObject (const EventObject &src)
 Copy Constructor.
virtual ~EventObject () override
void connect (EventObject &sender, const CoreString &event_id, EventInfoMethod event_cb, void *data=0)
 Connects this to an object to listen to a specific event.
void connect (EventObject &sender, EventInfoMethod event_cb, void *data=0)
 Connects this to an object to listen any of its events.
bool disconnect (EventObject &sender, const CoreString &event_id, EventInfoMethod event_cb, void *data=0)
bool disconnect_all (EventObject &sender)
 Disconnects from all objects sender was listening on.
void disconnect_all ()
 Disconnects from all objects we were listening on.
void remove_all_connection ()
 Disconnects object from other objects it is listening to, and also disconnects all objects listening to it.
void raise_event (const CoreString &event_id) const
 sends an event
void raise_event (const EventInfo &event_info) const
 sends an event
bool is_connected (EventObject &sender, const CoreString &event_id, void *data)
void set_mute (const bool &mute)
 Asks for object muting. This will increase or decrease the muting counter. Unmuting may not be immediat since it will happen only when counter reaches 0.
bool is_mute () const
 Returns if object is muted.
CoreArray< EventObject * > get_senders () const
unsigned int get_sender_count () const
unsigned int get_receiver_count () const
void connect (EventObject &sender, const CoreString &event_id, EventMethod event_cb, void *data=0)
 Connects this to an object to listen to a specific event.
void connect (EventObject &sender, EventMethod event_cb, void *data=0)
 Connects this to an object to listen any of its events.
bool disconnect (EventObject &sender, const CoreString &event_id, EventMethod event_cb, void *data=0)
 Disconnects this from an object for a specific event.
- Public Member Functions inherited from CoreCustomData
 CoreCustomData (const CoreCustomData &src)
void add_custom_data (void *key, const bool &data)
void add_custom_data (void *key, const int &data)
void add_custom_data (void *key, const unsigned int &data)
void add_custom_data (void *key, const char *data)
void add_custom_data (void *key, const CoreString &data)
void add_custom_data (void *key, const double &data)
void add_custom_data (void *key, void *data)
void remove_custom_data (void *key)
void remove_all_custom_data ()
void set_custom_data (void *key, const bool &data)
void set_custom_data (void *key, const int &data)
void set_custom_data (void *key, const unsigned int &data)
void set_custom_data (void *key, const double &data)
void set_custom_data (void *key, const char *data)
void set_custom_data (void *key, const CoreString &data)
void set_custom_data (void *key, void *data)
void get_custom_data (void *key, bool &data) const
void get_custom_data (void *key, int &data) const
void get_custom_data (void *key, unsigned int &data) const
void get_custom_data (void *key, double &data) const
void get_custom_data (void *key, CoreString &data) const
void get_custom_data (void *key, void *&data) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from CoreBaseObject
bool is_kindof (const CoreBaseObject &object) const
CoreString get_class_info_name () const
const unsigned long & get_class_info_id () const
virtual bool is_kindof (const CoreClassInfo &cinfo) const
virtual const CoreClassInfoget_class_info () const
template<class T >
T * cast ()
template<class T >
const T * cast () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from CoreBaseType
bool is_kindof (const CoreClassInfo &cinfo) const

Protected Member Functions

void build_context ()
void connect_to_context (const OfContext &context)
 Make all the event connection to update properly to a context.
bool is_context_displayable (const OfContext &ctx) const override
bool is_object_displayable (OfConstObjectHandle obj) const
void on_add_object (OfContext &context, const EventInfo &evt, void *data)
void on_remove_object (OfContext &context, const EventInfo &evt, void *data)
void on_remove_context (OfContext &context, const EventInfo &evt, void *data)
void on_add_context (OfObjectFactory &factory, const EventInfo &evt, void *data)
void on_update_assembly_context (OfContext &context, const EventInfo &evt, void *data)
void on_remove_object_from_factory (OfObjectFactory &factory, const EventInfo &evt, void *data)
void on_remove_context_from_factory (OfObjectFactory &factory, const EventInfo &evt, void *data)
void on_object_attr_from_factory (OfObjectFactory &factory, const EventInfo &evt, void *data)
void on_item_comment_from_factory (OfObjectFactory &factory, const EventInfo &evt, void *data)
void on_rename_object (OfContext &context, const EventInfo &evt, void *data)
void on_rename_context (OfContext &context, const EventInfo &evt, void *data)
void widget_update () override
 This method is called just before draw() if set_is_dirty() has been called before.
void request_widget_rebuild () override
int on_dnd_drag () override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from GuiOfItemSpreadsheet
void on_remove_all (OfObjectFactory &factory, const EventInfo &evt, void *data)
void clean_rows_pool ()
virtual void on_of_item_status (OfObjectFactory &factory, const EventInfo &evt, void *data)
virtual void on_remove_current_context (OfObjectFactory &factory, const EventInfo &evt, void *data)
virtual void enter_into_context (OfContext &context)
bool is_visible_item (OfConstItemHandle item) const
 Return true if the item is visible considering its private flag, display caps and eventually shadow flag.
OfItemHandle get_last_selected_item () const
bool can_reorder_rows ()
virtual const GuiImageget_sort_indicator (int column) const override
virtual int get_column_right_margin (int column) const override
bool popup_column_menu (bool use_source_column=true)
void refresh_items_to_row_index ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from GuiSpreadsheet
virtual GuiDcget_dc () override
virtual void sorting_rows_by_selected_column ()
bool focus_on_item_startwith (const char &key, int &fisrt_item_match, bool &select_next_item)
void set_cursor_position (const int &column, const int &row, bool &selection_changed)
void select_all_rows (bool &selection_changed)
void select_all_rows ()
void unselect_all_rows (bool &selection_changed, bool reset_cursor=false)
void unselect_all_rows ()
virtual bool on_cell_double_click (GuiSpreadsheetCell &cell, const int &column, const int &row)
virtual bool on_cell_click (GuiSpreadsheetCell &cell, const int &column, const int &row, const bool &mouse_down)
virtual void toggle_show_children (const int &row_index, bool show_children)
void refresh_layout ()
void reset_scrollbar ()
void refresh_horizontal_bar ()
void autofit ()
int get_previous_page_row_position (const int &current_position) const
int get_next_page_row_position (const int &current_position) const
int get_row_index_under_mouse (bool &mouse_row_side) const
 returns the row under the mouse cursor. -1 if no row under mouse.
int get_row_index_under_mouse () const
int get_column_index_under_mouse () const
bool is_mouse_over_header_column () const
bool is_mouse_over_header_row () const
virtual void on_removing_row (const unsigned int &row_index)
void compute_depth_of_item_tree ()
void compute_rows_visibility ()
int is_handle_size_column_under_mouse () const
void on_scroll (GuiWidget &widget, const EventInfo &event, void *data)
void on_toolbar_maximize (GuiToolbar &toolbar, const EventInfo &event, void *data)
void on_line_edit_changed (GuiInputValueEdit &line_edit, const EventInfo &event, void *data)
void do_permutation (const int column_index, const int &row_index, int &start_row, int &start_col, int &end_row, int &end_col)
void do_multiselection (const int column_index, const int row_index, bool &selection_changed)
void get_total_width_and_rest (int &total_width_px, double &total_width_pc, int &rest_width_fixed) const
void full_row_select (const int &row_index, const bool select, bool &selection_changed)
void drag_resize_columns (short step)
void autofit_column (const int &column)
void refresh_cell_selected_count ()
int get_line_edit_toolbar_height () const
bool is_mouse_over_collapse (const GuiSpreadsheetRow &row) const
bool is_row_visible (unsigned int row_index) const
void update_selection (unsigned int column, unsigned int row, bool select)
void update_highlight (unsigned int column, unsigned int row, bool select)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from GuiWidget
 GuiWidget (CreateWidget create_widget, GuiWidget &parent, const int &x, const int &y, const int &w, const int &h)
 GuiWidget (CreateWidget create_widget, GuiApp &app, const int &x, const int &y, const int &w, const int &h)
virtual void widget_redraw ()
virtual Fl_Widget * get_widget () const
virtual Fl_Group * get_group () const
void clear_all_children ()
void damage (const unsigned char &mask)
const bool is_damaged (const unsigned char &mask) const
const unsigned char get_damage () const
void create_delayed_parenting (Fl_Group *group) const
void recompute_constraints ()
virtual void push_clip (const int &x, const int &y, const int &w, const int &h)
virtual void pop_clip ()
void get_text_size (const CoreString &text, int &w, int &h) const
void get_text_size (const char *text, int &w, int &h) const
virtual void on_add_child (GuiWidget *child)
virtual void on_remove_child (GuiWidget *child)
virtual void apply_constraints (const int &px, const int &py, const int &pw, const int &ph)
void apply_children_constraints (const int &px, const int &py, const int &pw, const int &ph) const
void apply_constraints (GuiWidget &child, const int &px, const int &py, const int &pw, const int &ph) const
virtual void apply_clipping ()
void apply_children_clipping ()
void capture_events (const bool &value)
virtual bool process_actions ()


class GuiBrowserSpreadsheetRow

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from GuiOfItemSpreadsheet
static int compare_names (const comparable_name &n1, const comparable_name &n2)
static int qsort_order_by_name_compare (const void *a, const void *b)
static int qsort_order_by_name_compare_inv (const void *a, const void *b)
static int qsort_order_by_source_compare (const void *a, const void *b)
static int qsort_order_by_source_compare_inv (const void *a, const void *b)
static int qsort_order_by_type_compare (const void *a, const void *b)
static int qsort_order_by_type_compare_inv (const void *a, const void *b)
static int qsort_order_by_creation_date_compare (const void *a, const void *b)
static int qsort_order_by_creation_date_compare_inv (const void *a, const void *b)
static int qsort_order_by_modified_date_compare (const void *a, const void *b)
static int qsort_order_by_modified_date_compare_inv (const void *a, const void *b)
static int qsort_order_by_path_compare (const void *a, const void *b)
static int qsort_order_by_path_compare_inv (const void *a, const void *b)
static int qsort_order_by_comment_compare (const void *a, const void *b)
static int qsort_order_by_comment_compare_inv (const void *a, const void *b)
static int qsort_order_by_has_object (const void *a, const void *b)
static int qsort_order_by_has_object_inv (const void *a, const void *b)
static int qsort_order_by_color_compare (const void *a, const void *b)
static int qsort_order_by_color_compare_inv (const void *a, const void *b)
static void dnd_release_timer (void *data)
static void dnd_menu (void *data)
static void on_rename (GuiOfItemSpreadsheet &spreadsheet, const GuiAction &action, void *data)
static void on_delete (GuiOfItemSpreadsheet &spreadsheet, const GuiAction &action, void *data)
static void on_trash (GuiOfItemSpreadsheet &spreadsheet, const GuiAction &action, void *data)
static void on_hide (GuiOfItemSpreadsheet &spreadsheet, const GuiAction &action, void *data)
static void on_show (GuiOfItemSpreadsheet &spreadsheet, const GuiAction &action, void *data)
static void create_item (GuiOfItemSpreadsheet &spreadsheet, const GuiAction &action, void *data)
- Protected Types inherited from GuiWidget
typedef void(* CreateWidget )(void *inst)
- Protected Attributes inherited from GuiOfItemSpreadsheet
const OfContextm_current_context
OfConstObjectHandle m_current_context_object
CoreVector< const OfClass * > m_filter_classes
ImageIcon::ImageIconSize m_icon_size
bool m_enable_reorder_rows
< OfConstItemHandle, int > 
< GuiOfItemSpreadsheetRow > * 
< GuiOfItemSpreadsheet::name_and_number_for_qsort > * 
const OfClassm_display_always_obj_with_emdedded_obj
bool m_disabled_set_selection
bool m_disabled_selection_changed
bool m_show_shadowed_items
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from GuiSpreadsheet
static unsigned int mask_column_size = 64

Member Function Documentation

void GuiBrowserSpreadsheet::draw ( GuiDc dc)

This is the main drawing method of the widget.

dcThe drawing context used to draw stuff.

Reimplemented from GuiSpreadsheet.

int GuiBrowserSpreadsheet::process_event ( const CoreString event_id)

This method is called whenever an event happens on this widget. Override this to catch and process them.

event_idThe event name.
1 if the event was consumed, 0 otherwise (to let the other widgets catch it)

Reimplemented from GuiOfItemSpreadsheet.