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GuiSpreadsheetCell Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for GuiSpreadsheetCell:
CoreBaseObject CoreBaseType GuiSpreadsheetCellBasic GuiOfItemSpreadsheetCellComment GuiOfItemSpreadsheetCellHasObject GuiOfItemSpreadsheetCellInstanceName GuiOfItemSpreadsheetCellName GuiOfItemSpreadsheetCellPath GuiSpreadsheetCellBasicIcon GuiSpreadsheetCellBasicText GuiSpreadsheetCellCheckbox GuiSpreadsheetCellColor GuiSpreadsheetCellObject GuiSpreadsheetCellObjectSelector GuiSpreadsheetCellOfItemNameBasic

Public Member Functions

 GuiSpreadsheetCell (GuiSpreadsheetRow &row_parent)
virtual void init (GuiSpreadsheetRow &row_parent)
virtual void remove_all_data ()
virtual bool is_selectable (const bool &mouse_down) const
virtual void set_is_selectable (const bool &value)
virtual void set_enable (const bool &enable)
virtual bool is_enabled () const
virtual void draw (GuiSpreadsheetDrawContext &draw_context)
void start_edit_content (const bool &change_preselection_row=true)
void stop_edit_content ()
virtual bool on_edit_content ()
virtual bool on_double_click ()
virtual bool on_click (const bool &mouse_down)
virtual void on_edit_changed (const int &column, const int &row)
virtual void on_cursor_enter (const int &column, const int &row)
virtual void on_cursor_leave (const int &column, const int &row)
virtual GuiWidgetget_edit_field ()
const bool & get_is_locked () const
void set_is_locked (const bool &locked)
const bool & get_is_read_only () const
void set_is_read_only (const bool &is_read_only)
GuiSpreadsheetRowget_row () const
GuiSpreadsheetget_spreadsheet () const
virtual CoreString get_text ()=0
virtual CoreString get_pastable_text ()
virtual CoreVariant get_variant ()
virtual int compare (GuiSpreadsheetCell *other_cell)
virtual void refresh_data ()
virtual void on_value_changing ()
virtual void on_value_changed ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from CoreBaseObject
bool is_kindof (const CoreBaseObject &object) const
virtual size_t get_memory_size () const
CoreString get_class_info_name () const
const unsigned long & get_class_info_id () const
virtual bool is_kindof (const CoreClassInfo &cinfo) const
virtual const CoreClassInfoget_class_info () const
template<class T >
T * cast ()
template<class T >
const T * cast () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from CoreBaseType
bool is_kindof (const CoreClassInfo &cinfo) const

Protected Attributes

bool m_enable
bool m_is_locked
bool m_is_selectable
bool m_is_read_only


class GuiSpreadsheetRow

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CoreBaseObject
static const CoreClassInfoclass_info ()
template<class T >
static T * cast (CoreBaseObject *object)
template<class T >
static const T * cast (const CoreBaseObject *object)

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool GuiSpreadsheetCell::on_edit_content ( void  )

This is meant to be overridden by child classes. It's called whenever the user requests the edition of a cell.

true if the child class handle the edition, false otherwise. In this case, a simple and generic GuiLineEdit is used to edit the cell's content as text.

Reimplemented in GuiSpreadsheetCellObjectSelector, GuiSpreadsheetCellListButton, GuiOfAttrSpreadsheetCellGuiNumberField, and GuiSpreadsheetCellNumberEdit.