Clarisse 5.0 SP8 SDK
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IESAngularEmission Class Reference

Public Types

enum  Type

Public Member Functions

void init (const OfObject &object)
double evaluate (const GMathVec3d &local_light_dir) const
 Evaluates the angular ies.
Type get_type () const
double get_spot_half_angle () const
double get_spot_half_angle_cosine () const
double get_spot_half_angle_tangent () const
double get_spot_softness () const
void enable_ies (bool is_enabled)
double get_ies_half_angle () const
bool is_axially_symmetric () const

Detailed Description

AngularEmission template class.

Member Function Documentation

void IESAngularEmission::enable_ies ( bool  is_enabled)

enable_ies Set weither or not we will compute the ies

double IESAngularEmission::evaluate ( const GMathVec3d &  local_light_dir) const

Evaluates the angular ies.

The given local_light_dir is the light direction in light space from the light to the surface point.

double IESAngularEmission::get_ies_half_angle ( ) const

get_ies_half_angle Returns the half-angle of the ies cone.

double IESAngularEmission::get_spot_half_angle ( ) const

get_spot_half_angle Returns the half-angle of the spot cone.

double IESAngularEmission::get_spot_half_angle_cosine ( ) const

get_spot_half_angle_cosine Returns the cosine of the half-angle of the spot cone.

double IESAngularEmission::get_spot_half_angle_tangent ( ) const

get_spot_half_angle_tangent Returns the tangent of the half-angle of the spot cone.

double IESAngularEmission::get_spot_softness ( ) const

get_spot_softness Returns the softness of the spot falloff.

Type IESAngularEmission::get_type ( ) const

get_type Returns the type of angular emission.

void IESAngularEmission::init ( const OfObject object)

init Initializes ies angular emission. Grab all the UI parameters, pre-computed the cone angles and call the initialization on the IES struct.

bool IESAngularEmission::is_axially_symmetric ( ) const

is_axially_symmetric Returns whether the ies data is axially symmetric.