Clarisse 5.0 SP8 SDK
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ImageEvalContext Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 ImageEvalContext (const ImageCanvas &image_canvas, const unsigned int &thread_id)
 ImageEvalContext (const ImageEvalContext &other)
const ImageMapPyramidget_image () const
unsigned int get_thread_id () const
const CoreVector< const
GMathVec4i * > & 
get_visible_windows ()
void set_data_windows (const CoreVector< const GMathVec4i * > &data_windows)
const CoreVector< const
GMathVec4i * > & 
get_data_windows ()
ImageMapTileHandle get_last_accessed_tile (const unsigned int &channel_index) const
void set_last_accessed_tile (const unsigned int &channel_index, ImageMapTileHandle last_tile)

Public Attributes

unsigned int m_mipmap_level
CoreAtomic32 & m_clean_maps
float * m_buffer
 Temp buffers that can be used to store data from tiles.

Detailed Description

Caching system for an image.

It is used to cache data during an evaluation, and is thread-safe. Each thread accesses its own data.

FIXME Actually not thread-safe! The data isn't owned by this class and can be modified/destroyed externally!