Clarisse 5.0 SP8 SDK
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ImageIOTextureManager Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void remove_requester (EventObject *requester)
 ~ImageIOTextureManager ()
 Default constructor.
ImageCanvasload_image (ResourceUser &requester, const CoreString &filename, const ImageLoadOptions &options, OfApp *of_app=0, AppProgressBar *progress_bar=0, ImagePixel::RepeatMode u_mode=ImagePixel::RESET, ImagePixel::RepeatMode v_mode=ImagePixel::RESET)
 Returns a pointer to an image canvas loaded using the filename specified. If the file has already been loaded, the same object will be reused. Loaded objects are destroyed if their requester count is null.
void check_external_file_modification ()
size_t get_memory_size () const

Static Public Member Functions

static ImageIOTextureManagerget_texture_manager ()
 Returns the instance of the ImageIOTextureManager.
static void init ()
 Create the singleton.
static void destroy ()
 Destroy the singleton.