Clarisse 5.0 SP8 SDK
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LpeLabels Class Reference

Builtin LPE labels. More...

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Static Public Attributes

static const UniqueStringNONE = from_ustring(OSL::Labels::NONE)
static const UniqueStringCAMERA = from_ustring(OSL::Labels::CAMERA)
static const UniqueStringLIGHT = from_ustring(OSL::Labels::LIGHT)
static const UniqueStringBACKGROUND = from_ustring(OSL::Labels::BACKGROUND)
static const UniqueStringTRANSMIT = from_ustring(OSL::Labels::TRANSMIT)
static const UniqueStringREFLECT = from_ustring(OSL::Labels::REFLECT)
static const UniqueStringVOLUME = from_ustring(OSL::Labels::VOLUME)
static const UniqueStringOBJECT = from_ustring(OSL::Labels::OBJECT)
static const UniqueStringDIFFUSE = from_ustring(OSL::Labels::DIFFUSE)
 Typical 2PI hemisphere.
static const UniqueStringGLOSSY = from_ustring(OSL::Labels::GLOSSY)
 Blurry reflections and transmissions.
static const UniqueStringSINGULAR = from_ustring(OSL::Labels::SINGULAR)
 Perfect mirrors and glass.
static const UniqueStringSTRAIGHT = from_ustring(OSL::Labels::STRAIGHT)
 Special case for transparent shadows.

Detailed Description

Builtin LPE labels.