Clarisse 5.0 SP8 SDK
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ModuleDisplacement Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ModuleDisplacement:
ModuleProjectItem ModuleObject OfModule ResourceUser EventObject CoreCustomData CoreBaseObject CoreBaseType

Public Types

enum  Mode {
enum  Direction {

Public Member Functions

const bool & is_null () const
 True if the displacement is not doing anything (not active or no texture or values set to 0)
const bool & is_active () const
const Mode & get_mode () const
bool is_front () const
bool is_back () const
const Direction & get_front_direction () const
const Direction & get_back_direction () const
const ModuleTextureget_front_texture () const
const ModuleTextureget_back_texture () const
const double & get_front_value () const
const double & get_back_value () const
const double & get_front_offset () const
const double & get_back_offset () const
const GMathVec3d & get_bound () const
void add_geometry_override (GeometryResourceOverride *override)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void module_constructor (OfObject &object) override
virtual void on_attribute_change (const OfAttr &attr, int &dirtiness, const int &dirtiness_flags) override

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ModuleObject
static ResourceID declare_resource (const char *tag)
static ResourceID declare_resource (const CoreString &tag)
static bool declare_resource (ResourceID id, const char *tag)
static bool declare_resource (ResourceID id, const CoreString &tag)
static ResourceID get_resource_id (const char *tag)
static ResourceID get_resource_id (const CoreString &tag)
static const char * get_resource_tag (ResourceID id)
static void clear_unused_resources (SysThreadManager &thread_manager, const CoreBasicArray< OfObject * > &objects)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from ModuleObject
static constexpr unsigned int null_variation = 0
 Key of the null resource variation.