Clarisse 5.0 SP8 SDK
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ModuleGlObject Class Reference

This class defines a base interface for all objects needing GL drawing. More...

Inheritance diagram for ModuleGlObject:
ModuleProjectItem ModuleObject OfModule ResourceUser EventObject CoreCustomData CoreBaseObject CoreBaseType ModuleSceneItem ModuleTextureOperator ModuleCamera ModuleLight ModuleSceneObject ModuleScope ModuleTexture ModuleLightPhysical ModuleGeometry ModuleGeometryBundle ModuleSceneObjectTree ModuleTextureSpatial ModuleLightPhysicalGeometry ModuleFur ModuleParticle ModulePolymesh ModuleVolume ModuleTextureOsl

Public Member Functions

virtual bool pre_paint_gl (GlUtilsCtx &ctx) const
virtual bool paint_gl (GlUtilsCtx &ctx) const
virtual bool destroy_gl_data (GlUtilsGlCtx &gl_ctx) const
virtual GMathBbox3d get_gl_bbox (GlUtilsCtx &ctx) const
virtual size_t get_memory_size () const override

Protected Member Functions

virtual void module_constructor (OfObject &object) override

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from EventObject
typedef void(* EventInfoFunction )(EventObject &, const EventInfo &, void *)
 event callback signature for free functions / static methods.
typedef void(EventObject::* EventInfoMethod )(EventObject &, const EventInfo &, void *)
 event callback signature for methods.
typedef void(* EventFunction )(EventObject &, const CoreString &, void *)
typedef void(EventObject::* EventMethod )(EventObject &, const CoreString &, void *)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ModuleObject
static ResourceID declare_resource (const char *tag)
static ResourceID declare_resource (const CoreString &tag)
static bool declare_resource (ResourceID id, const char *tag)
static bool declare_resource (ResourceID id, const CoreString &tag)
static ResourceID get_resource_id (const char *tag)
static ResourceID get_resource_id (const CoreString &tag)
static const char * get_resource_tag (ResourceID id)
static void clear_unused_resources (SysThreadManager &thread_manager, const CoreBasicArray< OfObject * > &objects)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from ModuleObject
static constexpr unsigned int null_variation = 0
 Key of the null resource variation.

Detailed Description

This class defines a base interface for all objects needing GL drawing.