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OfBaseItemHandle< T > Class Template Reference
Inheritance diagram for OfBaseItemHandle< T >:
CoreBaseObject CoreBaseType OfBaseContextHandle< T > OfBaseObjectHandle< T > OfBaseObjectHandle< false > OfBaseObjectHandle< true >

Public Types

typedef core_conditional< T,
const OfItem, OfItem >::type 
typedef core_conditional< T,
const OfObject, OfObject >
typedef core_conditional< T,
const OfAttr, OfAttr >::type 
typedef core_conditional< T,
const OfContext, OfContext >

Public Member Functions

bool is_cap_delete () const
bool is_cap_rename () const
bool is_cap_copy () const
bool is_cap_paste () const
bool is_cap_move () const
bool is_cap_instantiate () const
bool is_cap_localize () const
bool is_cap_localize_attributes () const
bool is_cap_display () const
bool is_referenceable () const
const unsigned int & get_dependency_count () const
CoreListId get_first_dependency () const
CoreListId get_next_dependency (const CoreListId &dep_id) const
const unsigned int get_dependency_attr_value_index (const CoreListId &dep_id) const
bool is_cyclic_reference (const OfAttr *attr) const
bool get_flag_is_active (const int &flag) const
bool is_private () const
bool is_static () const
bool is_remote () const
bool is_content_locked () const
bool is_user_locked () const
bool is_pending () const
bool is_scene_assembly_temp () const
bool is_overridden_in_scene_assembly () const
bool is_missing () const
bool is_zombie () const
bool is_overriden () const
bool is_external () const
bool is_source_disabled () const
bool is_parent_disabled () const
bool is_read_only () const
bool is_shadowed () const
bool is_added () const
bool is_removed () const
bool is_embedded () const
bool is_in_undo_process () const
bool is_kindof (const CoreString &type_name) const
bool is_kindof (const CoreClassInfo &class_info) const override
bool is_name_dirty () const
const CoreStringget_name () const
const GuiIconget_item_icon () const
const unsigned int & get_attribute_count () const
const unsigned int find_attribute_index (const CoreString &attr_name) const
const unsigned int find_attribute_index (const OfAttr &attr) const
OfObjectFactoryget_factory () const
OfChannelManagerget_channel_manager () const
OfAppget_application () const
CoreString get_as_string (const OfSerialOptions &options=OfSerialOptions::get_default()) const
bool has_position (const CoreString &pos_slot) const
bool get_position (const CoreString &pos_slot, GMathVec2i &pos) const
bool get_position (const CoreString &pos_slot, GMathVec3i &pos) const
bool get_nodal_property (const CoreString &pos_slot, int &value) const
const CoreStringget_last_changed_position () const
void serialize_positions (ParserGroup &group) const
int get_node_status () const
const long unsigned long & get_creation_date () const
const long unsigned long & get_modified_date () const
bool is_instance () const
bool is_source () const
const OfItemget_scene_assembly_source_item () const
const bool & is_object () const
const bool & is_context () const
const OfItem::State & get_state () const
CoreString get_comment () const
CoreString get_colortag () const
const int & get_internal_flags () const
bool is_traversal () const
const CoreStringget_type () const
bool is_shadowable () const
void clear_caps ()
void set_cap_delete (const bool &value)
void set_cap_rename (const bool &value)
void set_cap_copy (const bool &value)
void set_cap_paste (const bool &value)
void set_cap_move (const bool &value)
void set_cap_instantiate (const bool &value)
void set_cap_localize (const bool &value)
void set_cap_display (const bool &value)
void update_dep_index (const CoreListId &id, const unsigned int &new_index)
void remove_dep (const CoreListId &id)
CoreListId add_dep (OfAttr *attr, const int &type, const unsigned int &index)
void clear_flags ()
void set_in_undo_process (const bool &flag)
void set_read_only (const bool &value)
void set_private (const bool &value)
void set_static (const bool &value)
void set_remote (const bool &value)
void set_content_locked (const bool &value)
void set_user_locked (const bool &value)
void set_zombie (const bool &value)
void set_pending (const bool &value)
void set_external (const bool &value)
void set_shadowed (const bool &value)
void set_added (const bool &value)
void set_removed (const bool &value)
void set_disabled (const bool &value)
void set_parent_disabled (const bool &value)
void set_source_disabled (const bool &value)
void set_overriden (const bool &value)
void set_missing (const bool &value)
void set_scene_assembly_temp (const bool &value)
void set_overriden_in_scene_assembly (const bool &value)
OfItemget_scene_assembly_source_item ()
void set_name_dirty ()
void set_name (const CoreString &new_name)
unsigned int set_attribute_index (const OfAttr &attr, const unsigned int &new_index)
void remove_all_attributes ()
void remove_attribute (const CoreString &name)
void remove_attribute (OfAttr &attr)
void reset_attributes ()
void send_event (const CoreString &event)
void set_position (const CoreString &pos_slot, const GMathVec2i &pos)
void set_position (const CoreString &pos_slot, const GMathVec3i &pos)
void set_position (const CoreString &pos_slot, const int &x, const int &y, const int &property=-1)
void set_nodal_property (const CoreString &pos_slot, const int &value)
void deserialize_positions (const ParserGroup &group)
void set_state (const OfItem::State &new_state)
CoreString set_comment (const CoreString &comment)
CoreString set_colortag (const CoreString &tag)
bool test_flags (const CoreBitFieldHelper &flags)
 OfBaseItemHandle (ContextType *context, ItemType *item)
 OfBaseItemHandle (ContextType *context)
template<bool U>
 OfBaseItemHandle (const OfBaseItemHandle< U > &other)
 OfBaseItemHandle (const OfHandle &handle)
 OfBaseItemHandle (ItemType *item)
template<bool U>
bool operator== (const OfBaseItemHandle< U > &other) const
template<bool U>
bool operator!= (const OfBaseItemHandle< U > &other) const
template<bool U>
OfBaseItemHandle< T > & operator= (const OfBaseItemHandle< U > &other)
bool operator== (ItemType *item) const
bool operator!= (ItemType *item) const
OfBaseItemHandleoperator= (const OfHandle &handle)
 operator const OfItem * () const
 operator OfItem * () const
ItemTypeget_ptr () const
OfBaseContextHandle< T > get_context () const
ContextTypeget_context_ptr () const
bool is_valid () const
OfBaseObjectHandle< T > to_object () const
OfBaseContextHandle< T > to_context () const
bool is_virtual () const
bool is_real () const
bool is_implicit () const
bool is_explicit () const
OfBaseItemHandle< T > get_source () const
const CoreStringget_full_name () const
CoreString get_project_full_name () const
void rename (const CoreString &name)
bool get_can_copy () const
bool get_can_paste () const
bool get_can_move () const
bool get_can_instantiate () const
bool get_can_localize () const
bool get_can_rename () const
bool can_serialize (const int &serial_mode) const
bool get_can_delete () const
bool is_disabled () const
bool is_enabled () const
bool is_editable (const int &read_only_mask=RO_ALL_MASK) const
bool is_external_dependency (const OfContext &context) const
OfBaseAttrHandle< T > get_attribute (const CoreString &attr) const
OfBaseAttrHandle< T > get_attribute (const unsigned int &index) const
OfBaseAttrHandle< T > attribute_exists (const CoreString &attr) const
OfBaseAttrHandle< T > get_dependency_attr (const CoreListId &dep_id) const
OfBaseItemHandle< T > get_parent_item () const
bool is_build_visible () const
OfBaseItemHandle< false > get_traversal_item ()
OfAttrHandle add_attribute (const OfItem::AttrCreationParams &params)
OfAttrHandle add_attribute (const CoreString &attr, const OfAttr::Type &type, const OfAttr::Container &container=OfAttr::CONTAINER_SINGLE, const OfAttr::VisualHint &visual_hint=OfAttr::VISUAL_HINT_DEFAULT, const CoreString &group_name="general")
- Public Member Functions inherited from CoreBaseObject
bool is_kindof (const CoreBaseObject &object) const
virtual size_t get_memory_size () const
CoreString get_class_info_name () const
const unsigned long & get_class_info_id () const
virtual const CoreClassInfoget_class_info () const
template<class T >
T * cast ()
template<class T >
const T * cast () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from CoreBaseType
bool is_kindof (const CoreClassInfo &cinfo) const

Static Public Attributes

static OfBaseItemHandle< T > s_empty_handle = OfBaseItemHandle<T>()

Static Protected Member Functions

static void rename (OfBaseItemHandle< false > self, const CoreString &name)
static OfBaseItemHandle< false > get_traversal_item (OfBaseItemHandle< false > self)
static OfAttrHandle add_attribute (OfBaseItemHandle< false > self, const OfItem::AttrCreationParams &params)
static OfAttrHandle add_attribute (OfBaseItemHandle< false > self, const CoreString &attr, const OfAttr::Type &type, const OfAttr::Container &container=OfAttr::CONTAINER_SINGLE, const OfAttr::VisualHint &visual_hint=OfAttr::VISUAL_HINT_DEFAULT, const CoreString &group_name="general")

Protected Attributes

 context in which to consider the item
 the original item

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CoreBaseObject
static const CoreClassInfoclass_info ()
template<class T >
static T * cast (CoreBaseObject *object)
template<class T >
static const T * cast (const CoreBaseObject *object)

Detailed Description

template<bool T>
class OfBaseItemHandle< T >

Base class for const and non-const item handles. An Item is always created in one context, but it may exists virtually in many other contexts. Item handles allow to manipulate items into a specific context. It must be used when it's important to know the path of the item given its context.

Member Function Documentation

template<bool T>
void OfBaseItemHandle< T >::rename ( OfBaseItemHandle< false >  self,
const CoreString name 

static methods definition in order to define SFINAE method without links error