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OfCommandArgument Class Reference

Defines argument types available for application commands parameters. More...

Public Types

enum  Type {

Public Member Functions

 OfCommandArgument (const OfCommandArgument &src)
 OfCommandArgument (const bool &value)
 OfCommandArgument (const CoreBasicArray< bool > &values)
 OfCommandArgument (const char &value)
 OfCommandArgument (const CoreBasicArray< char > &values)
 OfCommandArgument (const unsigned char &value)
 OfCommandArgument (const CoreBasicArray< unsigned char > &values)
 OfCommandArgument (const short &value)
 OfCommandArgument (const CoreBasicArray< short > &values)
 OfCommandArgument (const unsigned short &value)
 OfCommandArgument (const CoreBasicArray< unsigned short > &values)
 OfCommandArgument (const int &value)
 OfCommandArgument (const CoreBasicArray< int > &values)
 OfCommandArgument (const unsigned int &value)
 OfCommandArgument (const CoreBasicArray< unsigned int > &values)
 OfCommandArgument (const float &value)
 OfCommandArgument (const CoreBasicArray< float > &values)
 OfCommandArgument (const double &value)
 OfCommandArgument (const CoreBasicArray< double > &values)
 OfCommandArgument (char *value)
 OfCommandArgument (const CoreBasicArray< char * > &values)
 OfCommandArgument (const CoreString &value)
 OfCommandArgument (const CoreBasicArray< CoreString > &values)
 OfCommandArgument (OfItem *value)
 OfCommandArgument (const CoreBasicArray< OfItem * > &values)
 OfCommandArgument (OfObject *value)
 OfCommandArgument (const CoreBasicArray< OfObject * > &values)
 OfCommandArgument (OfContext *value)
 OfCommandArgument (const CoreBasicArray< OfContext * > &values)
 OfCommandArgument (const GMathVec2i &value)
 OfCommandArgument (const CoreBasicArray< GMathVec2i > &values)
 OfCommandArgument (const GMathVec2d &value)
 OfCommandArgument (const CoreBasicArray< GMathVec2d > &values)
 OfCommandArgument (const GMathVec3d &value)
 OfCommandArgument (const CoreBasicArray< GMathVec3d > &values)
 OfCommandArgument (const GMathMatrix4x4d &value)
 OfCommandArgument (const CoreBasicArray< GMathMatrix4x4d > &values)
 OfCommandArgument (const CoreVariant &value)
 OfCommandArgument (const CoreBasicArray< CoreVariant > &values)
const Type & get_type () const
bool is_empty (void) const
const unsigned int & get_count () const
 operator bool () const
 operator CoreArray< bool > () const
 operator char () const
 operator CoreArray< char > () const
 operator unsigned char () const
 operator CoreArray< unsigned char > () const
 operator short () const
 operator CoreArray< short > () const
 operator unsigned short () const
 operator CoreArray< unsigned short > () const
 operator int () const
 operator CoreArray< int > () const
 operator unsigned int () const
 operator CoreArray< unsigned int > () const
 operator float () const
 operator CoreArray< float > () const
 operator double () const
 operator CoreArray< double > () const
 operator CoreString () const
 operator CoreArray< CoreString > () const
 operator OfItem * () const
 operator CoreArray< OfItem * > () const
 operator OfObject * () const
 operator CoreArray< OfObject * > () const
 operator OfContext * () const
 operator CoreArray< OfContext * > () const
 operator GMathVec2i () const
 operator CoreArray< GMathVec2i > () const
 operator GMathVec2d () const
 operator CoreArray< GMathVec2d > () const
 operator GMathVec3d () const
 operator CoreArray< GMathVec3d > () const
 operator GMathMatrix4x4d () const
 operator CoreArray< GMathMatrix4x4d > () const
 operator CoreVariant () const
 operator CoreArray< CoreVariant > () const
GMathVec2i get_as_gmath_vec2i () const
GMathVec2d get_as_gmath_vec2d () const
GMathVec3d get_as_gmath_vec3d () const
GMathMatrix4x4d get_as_gmath_matrix4x4d () const
OfCommandArgument operator[] (const unsigned int &index) const
OfCommandArgumentoperator= (const OfCommandArgument &arg)

Static Public Member Functions

static CoreString get_type_name (const Type &type)

Detailed Description

Defines argument types available for application commands parameters.

Member Function Documentation

bool OfCommandArgument::is_empty ( void  ) const

Return true if the command argument is empty (e.g. its type if TYPE_NONE)