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OfEnum Member List

This is the complete list of members for OfEnum, including all inherited members.

add_alias(const unsigned int &value, const CoreString &alias)OfEnum
add_alias(const CoreString &label, const CoreString &alias)OfEnum
add_value(const CoreString &label, const int &value) (defined in OfEnum)OfEnum
add_values(const CoreVector< CoreString > &labels, const CoreVector< int > &values)OfEnum
asleep() (defined in OfEnum)OfEnum
awake(const bool &send_event=true) (defined in OfEnum)OfEnum
find_label_index(const CoreString &label) const OfEnum
find_value_index(const int &value) const OfEnum
get_invalid_value() const OfEnum
get_label(const unsigned int &index) const (defined in OfEnum)OfEnum
get_label_from_value(CoreString &label, const int &value, const OfEnum *enum_ptr)OfEnumstatic
get_name() const (defined in OfEnum)OfEnuminline
get_separator() const OfEnum
get_value(const unsigned int &index) const (defined in OfEnum)OfEnum
get_value(const CoreString &label) const (defined in OfEnum)OfEnum
get_value_count() const (defined in OfEnum)OfEnum
get_value_from_label(const CoreString &label, const OfEnum *enum_ptr)OfEnumstatic
OfAttr (defined in OfEnum)OfEnumfriend
OfEnum(OfObjectFactory &factory, const CoreString &name, const int &invalid_value=0) (defined in OfEnum)OfEnum
OfObjectFactory (defined in OfEnum)OfEnumfriend
remove_all_values() (defined in OfEnum)OfEnum
remove_value(const unsigned int &index) (defined in OfEnum)OfEnum
remove_value(const CoreString &label) (defined in OfEnum)OfEnum
set_separator(const char &separator)OfEnum
set_value(const CoreString &label, const int &value) (defined in OfEnum)OfEnum
validate_label(CoreString &label, const OfEnum *enum_ptr)OfEnumstatic
~OfEnum() (defined in OfEnum)OfEnum