Clarisse 5.0 SP8 SDK
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OfObjectVariableValue Class Reference

Public Member Functions

virtual size_t get_memory_size (void) const
const CoreStringget_variable_name (void) const
unsigned int get_variable_name_key (void) const
const CoreArray< CoreVariant > & get_variable_value (void) const
unsigned int get_attached_expression_count (void) const
void set_variable_value (const CoreBasicArray< CoreVariant > &values)
void detach_expression (OfExpressionWrapper *expression)
void attach_expression (OfExpressionWrapper *expression)

Protected Member Functions

 OfObjectVariableValue (const CoreString &name, unsigned int name_key, const CoreBasicArray< CoreVariant > &values)
 OfObjectVariableValue (const CoreString &name, unsigned int name_key)


class OfObject

Member Function Documentation

void OfObjectVariableValue::attach_expression ( OfExpressionWrapper *  expression)

Attach an expression. All attached expression will be notified when set_variable_value is called.

void OfObjectVariableValue::detach_expression ( OfExpressionWrapper *  expression)

Detach a previously attached expression

void OfObjectVariableValue::set_variable_value ( const CoreBasicArray< CoreVariant > &  values)

Update the values of this variable. This will notify attached expressions.

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