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OfProjectContextEngine Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for OfProjectContextEngine:
OfContextEngine CoreBaseObject CoreBaseType

Static Public Member Functions

static const Descriptorget_descriptor ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from OfContextEngine
static const Descriptorget_descriptor ()
static void set_icon (const CoreClassInfo &engine_class_info, const GuiIcon *icon)
static void set_icon (const CoreString &engine_serial_name, const GuiIcon *icon)
static void set_custom_icon (const CoreClassInfo &engine_class_info, int key, const GuiIcon *icon)
static void set_attr_doc (const CoreClassInfo &engine_class_info, const CoreString &attr_name, const CoreString &doc)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CoreBaseObject
static const CoreClassInfoclass_info ()
template<class T >
static T * cast (CoreBaseObject *object)
template<class T >
static const T * cast (const CoreBaseObject *object)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CoreBaseType
static const CoreClassInfoclass_info ()
 Get the type descriptor of this instance.

Protected Member Functions

 OfProjectContextEngine (OfContext &ctx)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from OfContextEngine
 OfContextEngine (OfContext &ctx)
virtual bool populate_settings (ParserGroup &group, OfContext *context) const
void register_component_implementation ()
void _populate_options ()
virtual void populate_options ()
OfAttradd_option_attribute (const OfItem::AttrCreationParams &params)
OfAttradd_option_attribute (const CoreString &name, const OfAttr::Type &type, const OfAttr::Container &container=OfAttr::CONTAINER_SINGLE, const OfAttr::VisualHint &visual_hint=OfAttr::VISUAL_HINT_DEFAULT, const CoreString &group_name="general")
void remove_all_option_attributes ()
void _on_options_changed (OfObject &options)
virtual void on_options_changed (OfObject &options)
virtual void on_context_event (const CoreString &event)
virtual int on_item_event (const EventObject::EventInfo &event, OfItem *item)
void add_state_deserializing (const int state)
void remove_state_deserializing (const int state)
bool is_state_deserializing (const int state) const
void add_private_flag (const int flag)
void remove_private_flag (const int flag)
bool is_private_flag (const int flag) const
virtual void get_items_to_serialize (CoreArray< OfObject * > &objects, CoreArray< OfContext * > &contexts) const
virtual ParserEntryserialize (ParserEntry *entry, const OfSerialOptions &options, AppProgressBar *progress_bar) const
virtual ParserEntryserialize_export (ParserEntry *entry, const OfSerialOptions &options, AppProgressBar *progress_bar) const
virtual Result deserialize_objects (ParseSerialData *serial_data, const OfSerialOptions &options, AppProgressBar *progress_bar)
virtual void deserialize_attrs (ParseSerialData *serial_data, const OfSerialOptions &options, AppProgressBar *progress_bar)
virtual Result do_deserialize_objects (ParseSerialData *serial_data, const OfSerialOptions &options, AppProgressBar *progress_bar)
virtual void do_deserialize_attrs (ParseSerialData *serial_data, const OfSerialOptions &options, AppProgressBar *progress_bar)
virtual void suspend_objects (const CoreVector< OfItem * > &items)
void suspend_all_objects ()
void clean_all_suspended_objects (bool only_new=false)
const OfClassget_project_item_class () const

Static Protected Member Functions

static OfContextEnginecreate_engine (OfContext &ctx)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from OfContextEngine
static OfContextEnginecreate_engine (OfContext &ctx)
static ParseSerialDataparse_serial (CoreVector< ParserEntry * > &sub_ctx_entries, const CoreBasicArray< ParserEntry * > &serial_entries)
static void prepare_serial_data (ParseSerialData &serial_data, CoreVector< ParserEntry * > &sub_ctx_entries, const CoreBasicArray< ParserEntry * > &serial_entries)
static Result deserialize_data_objects (ParseSerialData &serial_data, OfContextEngine &target_context, const OfSerialOptions &options, AppProgressBar *progress_bar)
static void deserialize_data_attrs (ParseSerialData &serial_data, OfContextEngine &target_context, const OfSerialOptions &options, AppProgressBar *progress_bar)
static void deserialize_data_options (ParseSerialData &serial_data, OfContextEngine &target_context, const OfSerialOptions &options)
static ParserEntryserialize_options (const OfContext &context, const OfSerialOptions &serial_options)
static void deserialize_options (OfContext &context, const ParserEntry *serial, const OfSerialOptions &serial_options)


class OfContext

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from OfContextEngine
typedef OfContextEngine *(* CreateEngineCallback )(OfContext &context)
typedef ParseSerialData *(* ParseSerialCallback )(CoreVector< ParserEntry * > &sub_ctx_entries, const CoreBasicArray< ParserEntry * > &serial_entries)
typedef const Descriptor &(* GetDescriptorCallback )()
 Typedef for the callback to get the engine's Descriptor.
- Public Member Functions inherited from OfContextEngine
virtual void set_content_dirty (const bool &dirty_sub_contexts=false)
bool is_unknown_engine () const
bool is_project_engine () const
bool is_override_engine () const
bool is_file_reference_engine () const
bool is_usd_reference_engine () const
bool is_scene_assembly_engine () const
bool is_scene_assembly_read_engine () const
bool is_build_package_engine () const
virtual bool can_reference_file () const
virtual bool supports_localize () const
OfContextget_context () const
virtual const GuiIconget_icon () const
const CoreStringget_attr_doc (const CoreString &attr) const
CoreString get_serial_name () const
void pre_serialize (const OfSerialOptions &options)
void post_serialize ()
bool is_serializing () const
bool is_deserializing () const
virtual ParserGroupget_settings () const
virtual void init (ParserGroup *settings=nullptr)
virtual CoreString get_pdir (void) const
virtual void get_scene (OfSceneDescription &scene) const
 generate a scene description of the engine context
OfItemget_item (OfSceneDescription::ItemId item_id) const
 create the OF item given the ID of the item in the engine
virtual void get_items (const CoreBasicArray< OfSceneDescription::ItemId > &item_ids, CoreArray< OfItem * > &items) const
 create the OF items given the IDs of the items in the engine
virtual void get_item_references (OfSceneDescription::ItemId item_id, CoreVector< OfSceneDescription::ItemId > &references) const
 returns the IDs of items referenced by an item
virtual OfObjectHandle get_object_handle (OfObject *object, OfClass *missing_class=0) const
 Returns a handle for the given object in the context.
virtual const CoreStringget_item_full_name (const OfItem &item)
 Returns the full name of a given item in the context.
OfBuildPackageContextEngineget_build_package ()
virtual bool is_shadowable (const OfItem &item)
virtual void get_status_bar (ComponentInterfaceNodeStatus &status) const
 customize the status bar of the context in the build view for example, it is possible to display a warning bar if something is going wrong
virtual void update_context ()
 Update the content of the context if needed. This is called each time we need to access to the content of a context.
virtual bool is_content_dirty () const
virtual bool is_content_valid () const
virtual void on_add_cam (const CAMInfo &cam_info)
 React to the addition of a new cam, by gathering related attributes and applying the cam t them.
virtual bool is_traversal () const
virtual OfItemHandle get_traversal_item () const
virtual OfAttrget_pass_through () const
virtual OfAttrHandle get_traversal_attr (bool when_traversal_only=true) const
virtual OfItemget_traversal_candidate () const
virtual CoreString get_cam_identifier () const
virtual bool has_cam_feature () const
virtual void * predelete_items (const CoreSet< OfContext * > &contexts, const CoreSet< OfObjectHandle > &objects, const CoreVector< OfObjectHandle > &embedded, OfEndProtectionCallback &cleanup)
virtual void undelete_items (void *blind_data)
virtual void get_overrides (ParserGroup &overrides) const
 Returns a serialization group containing all the overrides applied on items in the context.
virtual void set_overrides (const ParserGroup &overrides, bool append_overrides=false)
 Apply overrides on items in the context given a serialization group containing all the overrides.
virtual bool merge_overrides (CoreBasicArray< OfContextEngine * > contexts)
 Merge overrides of the given contexts into the current one.
OfAttradd_attribute (const OfItem::AttrCreationParams &params)
OfAttradd_attribute (const CoreString &name, const OfAttr::Type &type, const OfAttr::Container &container=OfAttr::CONTAINER_SINGLE, const OfAttr::VisualHint &visual_hint=OfAttr::VISUAL_HINT_DEFAULT, const CoreString &group_name="general")
void remove_all_attributes ()
void remove_attribute (const CoreString &name)
void remove_attribute (OfAttr &attr)
OfAttradd_custom_attribute (const OfItem::AttrCreationParams &params)
OfAttradd_custom_attribute (const CoreString &name, const OfAttr::Type &type, const OfAttr::Container &container=OfAttr::CONTAINER_SINGLE, const OfAttr::VisualHint &visual_hint=OfAttr::VISUAL_HINT_DEFAULT, const CoreString &group_name="general")
void remove_all_custom_attributes ()
- Protected Types inherited from OfContextEngine
enum  Result {
enum  DeserializingState {
 Context's deserialization state. More...
enum  PrivateFlags {
  NO_FLAGS = 0,
- Protected Attributes inherited from OfContextEngine
 The OfContext hosting the engine.
const OfClassm_project_item_class
 For optimization.
char m_flag_deserializing
 Context's deserializing state. See DeserializingState.
unsigned int m_private_flags
 See PrivateFlag.
CoreVector< OfAttr * > m_option_attrs
 Keeps track of attributes used as options, for special serialization.
CoreVector< OfAttr * > m_custom_attrs
 Keeps track of custom attributes, for special serialization.
bool m_is_serializing

Detailed Description

Context engine for default project contexts.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OfProjectContextEngine::OfProjectContextEngine ( OfContext ctx)


Member Function Documentation

OfContextEngine * OfProjectContextEngine::create_engine ( OfContext ctx)

Create an engine instance.

const OfContextEngine::Descriptor & OfProjectContextEngine::get_descriptor ( )

Get the engine's Descriptor.