Clarisse 5.0 SP8 SDK
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ParserFile Class Reference

Contains information on file to be parsed. More...

Public Types

enum  Mode {

Public Member Functions

 ParserFile (ParserGroup &root)
 ParserFile (const CoreString &filename="")
const CoreStringget_filename () const
void set_filename (const CoreString &filename)
ParserGroupget_root () const
void get_text (CoreString &text) const
CoreVector< char > get_binary () const
bool set_binary (const CoreVector< char > &buffer)
bool read (const CoreString &filename="", const CoreString &encryption_key="", AppProgressBar *progress_bar=nullptr)
bool write (const Mode &mode, const CoreString &filename="", const CoreString &encryption_key="")
void clear ()
const CoreVector< CoreString > & get_search_paths () const
void set_search_paths (const CoreVector< CoreString > &paths)
bool is_encrypted () const
const CoreVersionget_serial_version () const
const CoreSet< CoreString > & get_dependencies () const

Detailed Description

Contains information on file to be parsed.