Clarisse 5.0 SP8 SDK
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ParticleCloud::MotionBlurSampleLoader Class Referenceabstract

Public Member Functions

virtual void load (const CtxEval &eval_ctx, const GMathTimeSampling &time_sampling, const unsigned int &sample_index, GMathVec3f *point_positions, GMathMatrix4x4d *support_matrices)=0
 Load a sample.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void ParticleCloud::MotionBlurSampleLoader::load ( const CtxEval eval_ctx,
const GMathTimeSampling time_sampling,
const unsigned int &  sample_index,
GMathVec3f *  point_positions,
GMathMatrix4x4d *  support_matrices 
pure virtual

Load a sample.

eval_ctxa valid evaluation context
time_samplingthe sampling corresponding to the sample we want to load
sample_indexthe index of the sample
point_positionsarray for positions (1 per point)
support_matricesarray of matrices for support geometries (null if there's no support)