Clarisse 5.0 SP8 SDK
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PbrBuiltinLutHelpers Class Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static void init ()
 init Load all the LUTs created by Isotropix
static PbrBxdfLutget_reflect_beckmann_dielectric_lut (const double &ior)
static PbrBxdfLutget_reflect_ggx_dielectric_lut (const double &ior)
static PbrBxdfLutget_reflect_ggx_correlated_dielectric_lut (const double &ior)
static PbrBxdfLutget_refract_beckmann_lut (const double &ior)
static PbrBxdfLutget_refract_beckmann_dielectric_lut (const double &ior)
static PbrBxdfLutget_refract_ggx_lut (const double &ior)
static PbrBxdfLutget_refract_ggx_dielectric_lut (const double &ior)
static PbrBxdfLutget_refract_ggx_correlated_TIR_lut (const double &ior)
static PbrBxdfLutget_refract_slab_beckmann_lut (const double &ior)
static PbrBxdfLutget_refract_slab_ggx_lut (const double &ior)
static PbrBxdfLutget_lut (PbrBuiltinLut index)

Member Function Documentation

void PbrBuiltinLutHelpers::init ( )

init Load all the LUTs created by Isotropix